Nova Power Cable Upgrade Cost

I can’t remember , what I can tell you is that I plugged it in, and ordered it within a minute .

it is now attached to my Nait 50

Nice result. Glad you’re happy with it :+1:t2:

USA-based Nova owner here… I too have been searching for a mains cable upgrade. The suggestions in this thread are really helpful.

My issue, however, is space. My Nova sits atop a shelf that is 15 inches (380mm) deep. The stock cable I use today takes a sharp turn (down) in order to drop through a hole in the shelf. Which pretty much rules out any cable upgrade. Unless perhaps there are well regarded 15A options with a right-angle IEC. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

There a number of options including right angle IEC adapters or right angle IEC plugs if you were to make your own power cable.


Quick update…

I did the inevitable and bought a used Powerline to see what all the fuss is about.

Do I like it?

Big Fat Yes! :blush:

To describe the difference from the lite version:

The most noticeable improvement is with the bass. There is more of it and it’s more clearly defined, and has more slam. Secondly, the overall sound feels more driven, stronger, punchier. More musical than before. More of that signature Naim sound that gets the foot tapping and the head nodding - and sometimes even goosebumps!

There is absolutely no mistaking the improvements, which makes the powerline an excellent investment for my setup.

Thanks to everyone that recommended it.

The quest is over :pray:


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