Nova + Powerline = WOW!

Thinking about getting these for my Nova + SF Venere 3.0’s.
Is there a new cable due out? when?

Yes it’s the Witch Hat Spectre, it’s been trialled with existing customers , some of whom have reported it on this forum.

Price unknown, quality better than Phantoms .

If you go to the Q button in the top corner , you should be able to find the thread

Read the post you’re talking about and it sounds amazing but I imagine its not a replacement but a higher tier cable at a (significantly) higher price point.

Exactly , and I wonder with a Nova that you get the best with it.

The general rule of thumb is that cables should be 10-15% of the item .

In the case of my Nova I have gone to just under 20% with the Witch Hat & Powerline.

Certainly if I had higher end equipment I would happily disappear into the Spectre, higher end Tellurium or Chord speaker cables.

It’s a fine balance

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