Nova remote poor battery life

Is anyone else finding that they are having to frequently replace the batteries on their Uniti type remote control? It takes 4 AAA batteries - twice as many as many as my Freesat box, which gets at least as much use, but they only last less than half as long. The only setting I can find is “motion detect” which I have turned off . The only reason I can think of is that the buttons are backlit - is there any way of turning that off?

how long are your lasting? - mine is in daily use and 5 months in…

Have you just recently turned the “Motion Detect” off?
If so, with new batteries, I found the battery life extended considerably. :blush:

I have always had motion detect off and batteries seem to last about 6 months in pretty much daily use. That seems not bad until you compare it with a couple of years or so for my other remotes. I wonder if Zigbee uses more power than IR or wifi. It’s not a major problem but annoying as you need a spare pack at all times and quite often other needs deplete stocks.

I also get 6 months or so using several to many times a day. Battery life seems comparable to similar devices I own.

The batteries in mine last forever since I decided it was a pile of junk and put it back in the box. Worst remote I’ve ever used. Sorry Naim, but I really hated the thing. It’s predecessor was really good.

kinda agree, at the price point of a NDX2 its a poor effort, the ergonomics are awful too, selecting a favourite preset is practically a two hand operation

Do you have really small hands, like Trump? It’s only a matter of pressing the star button to cycle through them. That said, I didn’t like the standard Uniti remote, so got hold of the brushed metal 555 version, which is so much nicer to use.

My batteries seem to last pretty well. Can’t remember the last time they were changed and it is used every day. Switching motion detect off certainly made a big difference.

That’s funny! I’ve actually been using the star button and then the arrows to select preset which is a bit awkward as the star button is right at the top, I dident realise you could keep pressing the star, my bad, having said that if you want to go back you need to use the arrows, swopping say the clock and star buttons would make it a bit more ergonomic.

Never use it just use the app.

One of the things that surprised me with the ND555 was that the remote was much nicer. Same shape size buttons as Nova and NDX2 but made of metal and much nice build quality.

That said I have used it zero times so far. I use the amp remote and Roon so have no need for the remote.

You can just keep pressing, it gets to the end and then goes back to the beginning.

Yep I know that but I’ve got quiet a few presets!

“Helter Skelter…….” :blush:

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