Nova screen freeze

I wonder…
how come Naim manages to build this stellar product, sells it for 5k EUR and then the screen freezes like it’s Win 3.11.

I have had my Nova for a bit over a month now, everything works flawlessly and sounds great no matter what the source but my screen must have frozen about 10 times since I have it (usually on the home screen).

Everything continues to work well but the screen stays frozen until I reboot it.

Anybody else having this issue or don’t you bother?

Plenty are having the same issue. There are a few threads running at the moment.

Yep… report it to naim so they can work a fix…

I posted this in the other screen freeze’ threads as well:

A possible work-around:

My Nova seems to get ‘stuck’/freeze on the home screen when I switch to the ‘internet radio’ input from a ‘chromecast’ input.

Although a cycle through ‘deep sleep’ (long hold of the standby button) would usually fix it, I stumbled on an easier way to ‘unfreeze’ the screen.

With my remote, I tap the ‘up arrow’ so that it highlights ‘home’ at the top of the Nova screen. I then tap the center ‘enter’, then ‘return’, and finally the ‘down arrow’ to the main home screen. Voila, the screen is working again and will display whatever is currently streaming.

I is probably a firmware or display driver bug that should be fixed in the next firmware update.

I hope this works for others.

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