Nova Screen - OLED/Burn-in worry?

I’m not sure what kind of screen is on the Nova, but if it is OLED, is there any risk of burn-in from leaving the unit on all the time?

I do like to have the screen on when using the Nova but I do leave it in “always on” mode overnight etc. Usually leaving it on the analog input for the rest of the family to use (it is connected via AV Bypass to the Anthem AVM 60 pre/pro).

I am concerned that by leaving that “Analogue Input” logo on the screen it could cause burn-in?

Also sometimes I’ll come in the next morning and the screen will be black and I will have to “wake” it and sometimes the Input logo is still on the screen. I can’t figure out what situation may cause the “sleep” screen since it seems to be random.

Good question but I’d be surprised if it’s an issue.

I’m fairly sure it’s not OLED as it’s backlit.

Thanks that is good to know!

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