Nova skipping tracks

I’ve not listened to the system much in recent days, but have just tried a few albums from qobuz and tidal and noticed track skipping with both, for example an album just did track 1>4>12. Another I played fine last week did a similar thing and now if I select say rack 6 it then jumps to track 1.

Same behaviour on current release and beta.

Will test on usb drive next, then full power down plus/minus factory reset.

Anyone else?

Right something up.

Carol Kidd on USB stick.

Track 1 ended and skipped to track 5.

Tried next track and it jumped to track 11.

Not a streaming/network issue therefore.


How embarrassing seems I’d inadvertently enabled shuffle play which normally I’d rarely use.

Anyone else think the app GUI could benefit from a tweak?

The shuffle play icon when activated is not clearly indicative as it’s the same brightness as the prev play/pause next icons centrally. Even off shuffle and repeat icons are only marginally dimmer.

@Will - have you considered an option for having these icons in different colours when active (maybe as a user selectable option?)


Yup done that myself when I first had my streamer - glad you’re sorted.

I’ve just spend the last couple of hours swapping my Strat’s pick guard and pickups. Put it all back, and there was a horrible buzzing, and was thinking I’d have to take it all apart. Then I turned off the LED Light switch, and buzz went - phew!

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Yes because this keeps happening to people and many people have said so both in the public forum and in the beta, and IIRC it was noted by Will

It’s a bit like ‘butt dialling’ or on iOS inadvertently entering the screen editing mode where you can rearrange icons or delete apps - far too easy to do.

Simplest would just be to have these icons in green when enabled - a user selectable colour option would cover all bases as those who did not want coloured icons could just choose white.

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