Nova speaker upgrade....Focal, PmC , Spendor

I guess you have to tell us what the 25.22is are not giving. If it’s bass, then easy add a Rel T5/x for just over £500.
The 25.26is will take some driving and I my experience need a decent power behind them. ( ok, so I’ve only got the 20.26is).
So if its low end you are missing get the small rel.

Thank you. I do have the Rel you mentioned.
Very difficult to put into words…if I said a sense of occasion…like the space is filled with sound without going loud?

Other than my spurious description, my only particular niggle with the pmc is I do find the high end a little fatiguing.

I’d be inclined to keep the speakers and swap the Nova for either a NDX2 and Supernait 3, or better 282, Hicap DR and 250DR. You’ll be surprised how good they are.


That fatiguing top end could be the I in 25.22i. There have been discussions before. The 25.26i will not help in that case. OK, so you already have the rel? So maybe it’s time for a decent power then? But I’m not the one to advise on naim power amps after a recent demo.

Or what HH said above.

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When the Nova was first introduced and getting people here very excited at shows, it was with Focals. I can’t remember though whether it was Kantas or Sopras. Or 1s or 2s.

Worth a listen I reckon. Enjoy your music.

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Worth using the search function here on the forum, if you haven’t already, to see what comes up. Try ‘Nova Kanta’ ‘Nova Sopra’ etc.

I use uniti new with nap 250 non dr and rel t/7i. It sounds fantastic together. The speakers are Spendor d7.2 (I used to have an A7) and nap 250 drives them without any problems. Rel is connected to Nova.

Yes, had a good look through. Various bits of information and views. Learning that on a hifi forum you will find views to support or otherwise, every option!

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That’s very interesting. Thank you. I have the opportunity to demo that very set up except with the old D7.

I think the D7 will be appropriate, although the A7 (which I had for about a year) sounded better to me in a direct comparison of the mentioned configuration than the D7. The D7 had better bass, but the A7 was faster and more musical. D7.2, is better than both in my opinion.

I’d say keep the Nova and view wider on loudspeakers, unless you have a mega budget.
Indeed the Focals need to be heard before decision.

Thank you for your input.
Auditioned the options today. Plus some Kudos super 20s.
Disappointed with the D7s…found them harsh in the midrange. Also tried some older PMC Twenty20 3. They were superb with the NAP250 added.
The Kudos were also very nice.
The Focal Sopras 2 though were on another level in every respect. Given the price that could be expected, but is not always the case.
What was enlightening to me as newbie to Naim was the difference the 250DR made. Significant to say the least. Even my wife commented how much better things sounded with ‘that box’ …
So I went with the Focals and ordered a 250DR. They’re in short supply apparently.

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No chance you demo’s the Kanta 2s? I’ve got a pair of those, and a pair of SF Sonetto 5s I’m debating between with a Nova. Keep swapping between the two speaker pairs and having a hell of a time deciding. I love the quickness of the Kanta’s bass, but feel like the SF’s tweeter wins for the highs.

Life is good to have to make these decisions…

Hi BenU - are the Kantas well and truly broken in? It’s really true what they say: that beryllium tweeter takes an age to bed in properly. Once it does, though, it is magical. From what I’ve heard it will be a very different presentation to the SFs and so will likely come down to personal preference, but I do think - as wonderful as the bass and midrange are with the Kanta 2s - that tweeter is the star of the show.

I don’t think either set is well and truly broken in. Each pair probably has about 40 hours through them, with perhaps a touch more on the Focals. You’re right, they present very differently, but we find joy in each system’s strengths. Speaking of tweeter break in though, how would you expect the Kanta’s presentation to change as the tweeter settles?

I haven’t heard them so can’t comment. Jury still very much out on the Sopra 2s.
I have a ndx2/282/250dr arriving shortly and will see how it goes.
Gut feeling, they are a too much for my listening space. The additional grip and control the 250 should provide will be interesting.
I think I also miss my PMCs which were rather good with the Nova.

I would say the presentation relaxes a lot more, the sound opens up, integration with the rest of the drivers improves, and any harshness or unwonted brightness disappears.

It takes a long time, though. For sure 150 hours, but I’ve heard others say even after 400 they still get better. I’ve had mine for 8 or 9 months and to be honest I think they are still improving, which sounds crazy, but there it is. Who knows. There is no way I can really know, of course. They just sound great to me and seem to do many things well. From all accounts they are a really good match with the Nova.

Many here love the SFs, though, but I’ve not had a chance to hear them, as there is no dealer here where I am in the land of ice and snow.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you mentioned dealer availability, as that’s something that could arise for me later. We’re in the UK now, but will be moving (back) to the US in a year or so. SF dealer network is slim there, where Focal seems much more prevalent. Either way though, they’re both really nice speakers, and far more affordable to purchase here than in the US.

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For sure. I have had a long-term relationship (!) with my dealer - over 20 years - and that was a factor too in going with the Kantas, although I demo’d quite a few speakers at the same dealer and around town. Having solid dealer support is so important.

In any case, have fun sorting it all out, even though finding the right speakers can be tough. Took me 2 or 3 years to settle on the Kantas. As you say, life is good to be able to make these decisions. All the best.

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