Nova standby mode

As I understand, it when in network standby mode the power consumption is <2 watts (from literature) However, my unit is quite warm in the morning after having been in standby all night (I set it to 5 mins. in the app) The warmth suggests to me it is using more than 2 watts. Any enlightenment / advice appreciated. Thanks

Do you have server mode switched on?

or a drive connected?

TV connected by HDMI, but that is on standby at night. Also have a Core via wi-fi but that is also on standby

Most likely in server mode then as Robert suggested above

mine with server mode off and no usb connected is stone cold in the mornings but 1/2 later all fine and warm

If you have the unit in ‘network standby’ mode the only thing that it powered up is a tiny SMPS that keeps the network card and Zigbee alive so that the app and remote control can discover it. This is not going to generate noticeable heat unless there is a fault somewhere. The only exceptions to this are, as already mentioned, if you have enabled server mode in the app settings menu, or if you have anything connected to either USB port.

Another possibility is that the HDMI connection is receiving a signal from your TV which is keeping it active. TV manufacturers tend to apply the HDMI standard very loosely so it can often be unpredictable. I would try unplugging the HDMI cable overnight and see if that helps.

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Thanks for the replies. It’s not in server mode and the unit appears to switch off (standby?) when I turn the Panasonic TV off (standby) So, might try unplugging the HDMI tonight.

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