Nova-streamer not responding

Can I get some advice on how to force stop the Naim app please?

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On iOS:

On Android it differs between devices, but essentially open the overview of running apps (e.g., swipe up from the bottom, but depends) and swipe the app up/left/right (depends) or tap the X button if those are shown.

Alternatively, go to the phone Settings > Apps, go to the app and tap the close (or force stop, depends) button there. (Works on both iOS and Android, one way or other)

For IOS it’s in my post immediately before your’s!

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Ok so I installed the Naim app onto a new Samsung tablet yesterday with no other apps installed on it and played music for around 3 hours without any issues. Phew!!!

I shall test again tonight hopefully will be no issues again.

If the tablet continues to work with the app uninterrupted then I’m guessing this is an issue with using Samsung mobiles with the Naim app.

There must be something on the phone that’s blocking or hindering the naim app from functioning in some way.

Posting this incase anyone else has issues like this looking for a resolution.

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@tomvamos may have some idea

A few months ago we had issues with BT Hubs not bridging between 2.4 and 5 GHz. This meant that if the app and product were not on the same band then they couldn’t see each other so the product didn’t appear in the Rooms screen.
This may not be the case but I would suggest you try disabling your 5GHz network to see if the room is more consistently found.
Click here for instructions

Hi Tomvamos,

Thanks for the guidance.

I’ve checked this and now they’re operating on the same band. Trying the Samsung phone it still throws up the same error messages but on the Samsung tablet I’m now using has no issues at all.

Played music for 4 hours yesterday evening without any issues. It must be something on the Samsung mobiles we have that’s causing the error codes.

I’m happy atm as I’m finally enjoying music again and boy does it sound good! The tablet is also great to use with naim streamers and the Naim app looks great through it.

I’m sure at some point I’ll get to the bottom of the mobile issue but for now I need some Eagles and a peroni.

Thanks again for the guidance though :slight_smile:

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