Nova - teething problems two weeks on

So, it’s been nearly a fortnight since I’ve had my replacement Nova up and running, and all I can say is how glorious sounding it is.

Another FAQ, probably, but what’s the consensus or otherwise for the best way to fully enhance the sound I’m beginning to love, in terms of tweaks or add ons?
I have a powerline (ex-dem stock) on its way, but beyond that what would folks recommend.
I don’t want to change my speakers yet (B&W 805 Signatures), or the Nova itself, so I presume there aren’t many options.

I suggest don’t muck it about. Just enjoy the music.



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+1 :+1:

Buy yourself a piggy bank. Every time the word ‘tweak’ enters your mind, fine yourself £100. You’ll be able to afford a proper upgrade in no time.



Ahhhhahah… that’s good. And probably should be the cure for the majority of the fellow Naim owners.

I found a decent power cable made a real improvement to my Nova. Mucking around with support, isolation etc made no difference

You have a recent thread : “ Maximizing/ tweaking the Uniti Nova”

Thanks FR, I’ve just read the Nova tweaks thread. Some interesting (and expensive!) tweaks and upgrades out there.

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Most generally unnecessary. Just enjoy the system.

Even though I own an Atom and not a Nova, adding an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 ended up being an excellent tweak. And I already had dedicated audio mains and decent power cables, but this really made a big difference in terms of dynamics and relaxedness. If that makes sense.

I was able to try the Niagara at home first before buying it. You might want to give it a try as well.

I’d second that as the only worthwhile improvement. I tried a number of other low cost tweaks but they made very minor differences, if any.

i put a powerline and naim glass/ cups n balls. Nice uplift but the powerline was the biggest improvement

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