Nova to New Classics or Old Classic?

We at the moment have a Nova with Chord Epic x speaker cables and Fyne Audio F502SP speakers which we enjoy a lot.
Plus no fraim just a solid sideboard.

My question is, in New Zealand the new classic range is for the 3 boxes $45,000 $15,000 each.
What would your suggestions be for the same outlay on a purely streaming side of things in the old classics range be?

This is all hypothetical, but i’m interested in your thoughts thanks.

Good question Roba

I’m a source first person

So I would think , for 3 boxes

SN3 integrated

That would be quite a reduction in costs vs new classics 3 boxes which are very expensive both here in Australia and NZ

It then gets difficult if you require separates ie: pre amp and amp

Did i get your question correct ?

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For the same outlay though Roba ( maybe even less , not sure of NZ prices )

252 preamp
SCDR (supercapPS)
250DR amp

5 boxes though , depends how far you wish to go

I have just purchased the NDX2 and running with XPS-2 and SN3/HICAPDR - 4 boxes

Sounds lovely


Yes Bevo you got the question right.

With all the talk of the New Classics. i just wondered what you could build from the Classic range for the same money.

NDX2 and SN3 here are combined $23,200ish, which leaves a fair chunk of cash.

It does indeed Roba

You could start with the 2 boxes , however I would highly recommend the addition of the XPS power supply in time, it gives an incredible increase in overall sound quality , I’m a huge fan of the Naim power supplies. You could go for the lesser ND5XS 2 streamer but it’s not upgradable with power supply

Here in Australia there is currently a deal going with a 30% discount on the NDX2 and XPSDR, so that’s a pretty big saving.

I’ve moved from a SuperUniti (Nova ancestor) to New Classic NSC222 and NAP250 and have been absolutely delighted. I didn’t bother with the NPX300 although that is a future option. You could either go with a NC two box set or pick up some really good 2nd hand kit.

Yes Peter , another option for sure

Unfortunately the same retailer here as in Oz is not discounting at the moment.

Glad your enjoying it Peter.

Yes noticed that, they must have overstocked here . Quite incredible really, whilst customers in Europe were screaming for Streamers during pandemic , one could order one here and delivered in a couple of days . Nuts

Now here if one wants to upgrade to the new classics ( which are horrendously expensive here ), from the previous classics, the trade in value on the classics has dropped markedly due to the discounting, so the cash trade up amount has increased markedly . Again that’s nuts. This has been mentioned before in the main new classics thread

Your second list puts it over the $45k by about $10k.

Thats the problem with exchange rates/discounts etc i suppose. Still makes an interesting case for going for the older proven equipment.

My guess is that the 5 box second list would be much better than the recently released 3 box new classics , just my gut feel and can’t back that up as haven’t heard the new gear as yet.

I’m not a fan of a preamp/streamer in one box but that’s just me, and it’s not upgradable like say the Linn Streamers , but they have a different sound to naim anyway and again extremely expensive in Aus and NZ

All depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go Roba

What I can say though is that all will be a big improvement on the Nova which has crammed everything into one box , and nothing wrong with that either as many customers very happy with that.

Actually Roba , most of the discounts are at 35%, NDX2 at 30%

@Bevo, can I ask what prompted you to purchase the NDX2, and what you were using for streaming prior to that?

I’m currently running an ND5 XS 2 > SN3 / HICAP DR, and very happy with it!
I had no intention of even thinking about an upgrade… until I saw the discounts currently available to us in Aus.

(am new to the forum, and less than 12 months in to Naim ownership)

Good question np9000

I actually didn’t have a streamer but have been contemplating dipping in for the last couple of years ( have had naim gear since 1980 odd ) at the instigation of a couple of nice guys here on the forum giving me heaps because I didn’t have one ( have 2 TT’s Linn LP12’s plus CDP)

The reason I went for the NDX2 over the ND5XS 2 is because you can add the XPS power supply which one can’t do with the ND5XS 2 unless you can find the discontinued NDAC

I am a huge fan of the naim PS’s knowing what they can bring to the party ( having had the full 500 series in a past life) , I can vouch that the XPS brings significant upgrade to the overall sound quality

I’m very happy going for the NDX2 I must say, was contemplating your streamer but the great discount tipped me in that direction

I have a 252/SCDR/250DR in one of my TT systems but aim is to eventually have the NDX2/XPS with that system perhaps but currently really happy with it on the SN3/HICapDR/XPS2

Having said all of that I believe the ND5XS 2 is excellent with the SN3/HICAPDR but the XPS brings more to the party for me

Trust that helps



Meant to say np9000 I had the XPS 2 anyway and was using it with the CD5XS/nDAC combo

The XPSDR is currently discounted by 35% if my memory is correct

Looking at the prices here in Aussie np9000, you could currently pick up the NDX2/XPSDR combo for approx $14k and could trade in the ND5XS 2 for a reasonable price as that’s not currently discounted

That’s mighty tempting considering one piece of the new classics is $13.5k

Not trying to reduce your bank account though but it’s a thought

Best to have an audition if you can

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Thanks Bevo, appreciate the insight.

It is very tempting, and you’re right, an audition is the next step.

I do wonder how many years I’d get out of the NDX2, with technology always changing and that streaming platform being nearly 5 years old - but (difference in cost between the two aside) that’s the same situation that I’m in with my current streamer.

And from what can gather there seems to be a number of satisfied owners of the original NDX out there; no one has a crystal ball, but the odds are pretty good that I’ve still got a few years of musical joy ahead of me - whether I stick with what I’ve got, or upgrade!

The streaming platform in the NDX2 is the same one in the NSC222 - the Naim/StreamUnlimited co-developed NP800. By all accounts it was developed to be fairly future proof, at least in terms of having a decent amount of processing power/storage for future updates & features

Yep who knows np9000

I also thought about the future when purchasing the NDX2, it’s a very good product and naims life cycle is usually at least 10 years plus for the good stuff

Also when it’s replacement arrives, and it’s just a streamer ( no preamp in the same box), I’m thinking the cost will be circa $20k here in Australia (maybe more) which is somewhat over the top vs the current NDX2 price of $8.4k

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