Nova Transformer Hum

That is DC and can be blocked. Same with dimmers, dishwashers, air conditioning, heat pump, hair dryers, TVs and more or less anything in your home. Naim can’t stand what normal house hold equipment creates on the grid and need DC blockers in many homes to work as intentioned. However, some of my naim products have created more buzz than others. No idea why. With my Supra DC Blocker it is now dead silence no matter machine in the house that is on.

I can’t tell from your profile where you are - Where did you get your Supra blocker from - I last heard that it failed it’s British Standards testing and had to be redesigned and resubmitted. The importers web site is a bit out of date but suggests its not yet available in the UK.
Things don’t seem to progress quickly as I handled the first UK sample over 2 years ago. It is relatively small unlike many I’ve seen and cheaper than most if it is £300.

Sweden. There are other brands doing same products giving same results.

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Wha’s a “tx”?

sorry, it’s shorthand for transformer.

If only it was that simple! No hair straighteners here…

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Hi Hollow,

can you hear anything if you put your ear very close to the top of the casing on your SN3? i can hear a faint semi high pitched hum on mine. My HiCap DR has a lower deeper pitched humming, but is slightly quieter, almost silent. Listening with my ear close to my NDX 2 i cannot hear anything at all.

Both my 5si components in the past were almost silent and so too were both my XS 2 components. My SN3 is probably the noisiest one yet, but it’s hardly worth complaining about as if i take my touching ear away from the top case, i can’t hear anything at all. I guess i’ve just been lucky so far. I can imagine it being quite annoying if one were to hear the humming from a distance. Must be a right pain. Hope the OP gets it sorted.

yes of course theres a slight hum right up close as one would expect

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Any… hairdryers, electric blankets, dodgy fridge or freezer, electric welding gear, in fact anything with either a thermostat or heating element?

Thanks all for the responses.

Quick update. Got a demo version of the Nova from my dealer that was silent on their premises but hums on mine, although not as badly as the first one, so it would seem too be a mains issue of some sort. Now they are loaning me a Audioquest Niagara 1200 to see if it cures the problem. Expensive cure if it works.

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They all hum deal with it get a life enjoy the music small price to pay for outstanding HiFi

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Thanks for the quality advice; next time I’m in need of life coaching I’ll be sure to contact you.

I just happen to prefer outstanding hi-fi without added hum.


If you cannot easily ascertain the cause of the issue then it could be that a simple DC blocker will do the trick.

I just installed an Isol-8 DC blocker for hum. Problem solved and sounding wonderful.



Thanks! Isol-8 was on my list of possibles. I’ll investigate.

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Since my car analogy wasn’t liked by the police here, put another site friendly way, its like a fantastic car to drive that has squeaks and strange noises. It just spoils the overall experience IMO

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I’m getting a noticeable upgrade using the Isol-8 and PL-Lites in liu of an old (Grahams I think) 5 head Hydra. That sense that the noise floor has dropped away. Everything clearer in its own space. Starting and stopping of notes more defined, bass more tuneful and distinct - that sort of thing.

Very pleased I gambled on it.


Just a wee point Graeme, looking at your plug spacing, is that because the PL lites don’t fit next to each other or just an easier to get a grip on the plug heads.

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Neither Keltik. I only need 3 of 5 sockets so thought it looked neater!



@GraemeH I can’t recall who, but someone suggested / recommended spacing them with empty gaps (if possible) so mine are also set out this way in my Matrix 2 block.

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