Nova - Turn on/off sound

I’ve noticed lately that when I always turned on my Nova from standby that it would make that one or two clicking noise(S) - sort of an audible sound to know it turned on. Now it’s gone and I don’t know why. Anyone else have/notice this?

The click is the sound of the relay that turns the small standby power supply off, and turns the main power supply on.

Have you either enabled Server mode via the Naim app settings menu, or connected a USB drive? That would keep the main power supply live when the unit is in ‘network standby’ mode, so you wouldn’t hear the relay click.

It’s also possible that the streamer has not yet gone into network standby mode. You can adjust the delay before this happens too.


Ahhh you sir are a genius. Yes server mode was somehow enabled - which I never did.

Thank you.

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