Nova - TV - Sky Box - HDMI

Ok, I have all of the above. Currently my sky box is connected to the tv via hdmi arc and I have an optical cable from the tv out to the Nova.
I’ve just bought a long enough hdmi to connect … obviously wanting ease of volume control …
But which is the best way to connect?
Tv arc to Nova? But then sky box to? And with what?
Sky is Sky HD box not Q.
TV is Samsung

Any help appreciated so I only have to pull all the units out once :crossed_fingers:

Are you sure the Sky box is connected to the TV via HDMI ARC? I would expect the TV’s HDMI ARC port to be an output suited to sending the audio to your Nova. Then, connecting the Sky box to the TV would hopefully get the sound routed into the Nova, whether or not the signal originates from Sky.

@ChrisSU The sky box is currently connected to the tv arc and have optical from the tv to the Nova. I’ve only just bought a long enough hdmi to connect the Nova but just want to know the best way to connect SkyHD box/Samsung TV/Nova…

Samsung TV’s don’t call it ARC do they, it’s the hdmi with the yellow labelling

My Samsung TV has several HDMI ports, only one of which is ARC. As far as I’m aware that’s pretty standard for most TVs. I can’t see how an ARC port would work as an input for both audio and video signals.

I have a Samsung and it has an ARC output labelled. My system goes like this Sky hdmi > Samsung hdmi (not ARC) > Samsung hdmi (ARC) > Nova. Works fine with volume control and everything.

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Many thanks, will try that today.

ARC is audio only… clue in the title… Audio Return Channel… so TV ARC to Nova.
Your Sky STB then connects to a regular HDMI input on your TV.

Thanks @Simon-in-Suffolk and all the other replies. All connected and working fine now. Cheers

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Ah, just saw this:
Usually the HDMI/ARC input/output on TVs is multi-purpose: you can use it for ARC, but you can also connect any normal HDMI as input. (Using same cables, actually.)
Hence, if you have any box feeding audio/video to the TV, it’s best not to use the ARC port, unless all other HDMI ports are already in use.

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