Nova: “Updating” Process Will Not Complete

After exchanging power cords and powering up…the Nova went to “Updating” and has not completed for going on two hours. Connected to high speed Internet via Wi-Fi.

Manual warns me not to turn off power. Update message continues, power button flashing, screen occasionally goes black, spinning wheel on unit image on app, and on and on.

Will try getting help from factory tomorrow but does anyone have advice?

I’d turn it off, leave it five minutes, then turn it on again. Connecting with a cable before turning on again may be a good idea.

Agree with @HungryHalibut . This can happen if a previous update was not fully flushed previously. Then you get this go-nowehere update screen once you power cycle the device in the future.

In my two cases a new power cycle solved the issue.

Thank you @Kryptos. Cycling the power seems to be the common advice. Cheers!

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It happens with all the Naim over the air update products, very infrequently. :blush:

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