Nova versus Selekt

Also the only negative I hear about the linn organism is that the analog inputs are not as good. Stupidly I never tried it when I had one on loan :person_facepalming:

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I tried the integrated MC preamp with the Rega P8 with Ania Pro. My Goldnote PH10 with PSU is clearly better.

Yes, I do. Previously I used an Aura, so I was concerned, to say the least. However, I’m now able to use SO for the P10, and wow, what an improvement.

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…that’s why I don’t worry about reviews.
The bottom line is this…the change for me was the new hardware + SO, but it’s not worth it for me to sort out the contributions of each.

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Internal pre amp is better for you than Aura? The signal of the Aura would be also digitised and runs via the SO

Thanks for sharing @jlewis !

Yes, but, there is only one line input, used by me at unity-gain to interface with the AV.

Ok, just checked by turning SO off…there is no way of comparing the Aura with the internal stage, the sound is so different (worse) with SO off that my memory cannot compare the two.

The linn has a transparency to die for but I found it lacked the “drive and punch” of a Naim system.
I loved the idea of an all in one box but ultimately missed the Naim sound.


This was my experience connecting a Rega Aria to them. Wasn’t especially impressed by the internal phono stage either and thought the Rega Fono was better. I also heard a LP12 Selekt connected direct to Selekt DSM phono stage at the Bristol show and had much the same opinion.

Agree though that the digital side of things is first rate. Could happily live with one if I didn’t have vinyl.

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