Nova - Volume Display

My Nova used to display the number (1-100) when I turned up the volume via the app or controller.

It stopped a couple of weeks ago and I’ve tried a few hard reboots.

Noticed a new update today…and thought ahh…that will fix it.

No joy…

Anyone any ideas?



Does the display still shows cover art or has it stopped working completely? There is also an option to switch off the display, did you change that by accident?

Everything is as normal…apart from volume.

It flicks to clock/off/cover art etc…

Does make me think I’ve hit a settings button somewhere…

I have the same problem. This was before and after the recent update. Last time I disconnected the power and restarted again, this fixed it before but now this doesn’t make it work again. No other setting have changed, I still get the cover art pop up and go away (Settings > Other Settings > Display > Turn off during playback).

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I’ve written to NAIM customer support to ask because it’s driving me crazy now.


I’ve got the same problem: no visual volume numeric on the Nova.

I’ll be interested to see what Naim say about it. Hoping for an easy fix.

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Zehtov, what’s your support ticket number?

Hi Richard ticket number is 107448.

Thanks for your help!

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I had summised that it was just me…I also tried the unplug for 10 mins approach. Nada…interested to see how this goes now i am not the only one

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Also, when I do disconnect the power and start it up again, sometimes it doesn’t boot up properly, the power on/off button just flashes slowly so I have to do it again. I’m worried that one day it will just give up and not start again. BTW, my Nova in only a few months old (December 2020).

Thanks Zehtov.

I got a reply from NAIM support - this fixed it! :grin: (but note you will lose all your settings, favs trim, own names etc)

Put the unit into Standby, disconnect any speakers and disconnect the power cable.
Press and hold the Play/Pause and Input buttons, hold in while reconnecting the power cable.
Continue holding the buttons for 5 seconds or until the factory reset progress bar is displayed.
Release the Play/Pause and Input buttons.
Wait for the product to complete the factory reset and go into stand-by.
Press Stand-by button and the product will power up and display the welcome screen.
After completing the setup wizard, place the unit back into standby.
Reconnect the speakers.


Thank Richard, the solution from support fixed it! :+1:

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Fixed mine to :+1:

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Mine just started working of it’s on accord.

Maybe it sensed I’d read this thread, and knew what needed to be done!?!?!

Strange but true. . . .

sadly no joy here, my star still doesn’t display volume. Any ideas?

All good second time around and didn’t lose any saved / favourites . However slight grumble, Should we have to be doing this on such expensive equipment ?


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