Nova volume knob

I was wandering what people think of the volume knob on top of the mova and atom. I have nova and it is placed in a cabinet. The volume knob is not reachable and actually i use the remote or app so i do not miss the on top volume knob. The know is one of the key features of the nova but i wander if it is not more a visual thing than actual a vert useful thing.

Never use it myself but looks very classy!

These more lifestyle products are usually placed on a sideboard or similar, where the knob is ideally located. I have a couple of Qbs and find the top knob very useful, though the one in the kitchen is forever getting bits of stuff stuck in the recess. But where hifi is going in a cupboard or in a rack it’s far less helpful.

I have a Nova and a QB - I’ve got used to the top volume control but I’d much rather have a proper knob on the front - much more precise and controllable. Also the proximity sensor on the Nova is as much use as tits on a boar - flashy in the dem room but useless when sitting on the sofa listening to music.

I have a Mu-So and a Nova - both have the same knob.

The Muso sits on a dresser in the bedroom and I love the knob (ermmm…). The Nova sits close to the speakers and I basically never touch it. Entirely controlled by ipad or its own remote.

The remote works excellent, but the knob gives this extra special feeling of touching a very high quality product. :grin: I think it works great and the led indicators showing the volume level are an absolute great thing. So yes, I like it a lot. Does it add much, not really, but sometimes comes in handy if you want to quickly turn the volume down or up.

Exactly, the proximity sensor is simply useless. Feature for the dealer to impress potential buyer, nothing more.

Not sure about the Nova, but on the QB it controls more than just volume. Since my QB doesn’t have a remote, I’d be forever reaching for my phone just, say, to switch radio station. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’d have bought it without an easy-to-use control on the device. Since I’m always standing up when using it, it’s location on the top is ergonomically sensible too.


On the nova it is only volume, nothing else.

Same on the Atom indeed.

My Nova is also positioned such that the volume dial isn’t very accessible. I don’t feel too deprived, because I nearly never use any of the controls on the unit, or even the remote. I use my iPad to control it almost exclusively.

Shame, because the volume knob feels beautifully engineered. Unlike the remote control, which feels like a flimsy, twisty, flexible piece of cheap merde.

I relocated mine so I could enjoy playing with my knob. My wife likes how it glows in the dark.


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