Nova vs neat iota alpha

what do you think about the pairing neat iota alpha and naim nova

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Unless the room is huge or you want club-style bass and volume, it’s a classic combination. The focus is more on fun and involvement than absolute tonal purity, but it’s addictive.


The pairing of the little Iotas with an Atom is tried and tested. I speak from experience! The bass driver in the Alphas does take a bit more driving, though, and a Nova should do that very nicely. But, speaker choice is so personal and rooms so varied, that if a home dem is at all possible that’s what I’d do. Or buy used at a price you can sell on if they don’t work for you.



I was utterly amazed by the overall performance of the Iota Alpha at a demo, driven by an Atom in a good sized room.

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Have you heard the Alphas?

They get rave reviews, but other than their form factor I couldn’t really find anything particularly good about them in a demo.

That’s the point of the alphas. They disappear and just create good sound. They are good for what they don’t do like their great grandparents the SBLs. I still regret that I did not buy them and got the more boomy b&w loudspeakers.

That was the bit missing for me.

They are not the last word on refinement but they do sound very nice.



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That’s a lovely elegant set up you have there.

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It’s quite a chilled room so it was decreed that was all I was allowed in there hi fi wise!

Have to say it’s a very listenable combination


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