Nova vs Supernait 3 + NDX 2

What would be sound quality difference between Nova and Supernait 3 + NDX2?
I have to make choice between new Nova and used SN3+NDX 2…
I have Kudos Super 20a speakers.
Thank You for your kind help


Have a Nova and I would say the combo of Naim Classic would outperform them comfortably . The Nova is a fine bit of kit , just built as a “one stop shop” , the others are built to a better price point

Naim kit is built to last and I would have no qualms about nearly new V new

I’m a Naim user of 30 years and been up and down the range

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Agreed with your words.
Just to want to add that the Nova is the best in all in one in the market.

The new vs pre loved path , however, is a personal choice.

I doubt the OP can buy the mentioned combo for the same price of a new Nova, but maybe it’s the market where I live…

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I wonder if the ND5XS2 might be a more budget friendly option, it’s a very fine piece of kit (an understated gem) - I would still expect the two to out perform a Nova


Probably a more concise approach to the (new)Nova budget.

But the lack of screen won’t appeal everyone

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I can recommend the NDX2 unreservedly. It would form the hub of a system for years to come, and can be used with gear much further up the naim upgrade chain. Of course it is a personal choice, however if you have any intention of embarking on a naim journey the NDX2/SN3 is an excellent place to start. Best of luck with whatever you decide, and most importantly enjoy the music!


In fact I have to pay aprox 2500GBP more for used SN3+NDX2 than for a new Nova…is it worth it in real world?
I own Moon 390/330 now. It doesnt match Kudos, I had Atom for tests and I liked it more for its musical warm sound

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This alone could make a thread.

On my view depends on the person:

The time spent enjoying the system.

How sensible are you to the degrees of fidelity

The budget you consciously have.

Ps.: simaudio makes good material.
But, like me, you’re seem to be attracted to the Warmer side of the spectrum.

Naim is “better” in that regard.

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I have a Nova with Kudos S10s and enjoy it very much. I also have an Atom, and the Nova really manages the S10s better. It wasn’t like the Atom sounded bad, but I finally understood what people mean by saying that a given amp handles speakers with “authority”.

The Atom is with X2s in a different location and that’s also a really nice system. If you liked the sound of the Atom with your S20s, you will like the Nova too… and probably (quite) a bit better. I’ve not heard the SN3/NDX2 combo, but it certainly gets a lot of love on this forum and I expect for very good reasons. It’s entirely consistent that it would have even more “authority”.

How much better is enough better for the extra cost? No idea. How much would you notice after a while in your own home, rather than in comparison? No idea. Could you be happy with either? I sure am happy with both the Atom system and the Nova system. Do I think about upgrading? Sometimes, sure. But frankly I really like what I have: both Nova and Atom are excellent sounding combinations and both are fully featured and fun to use.

Only you can decide if you would fret about upgrading, or if you’d be content with what you got for what you paid. I don’t think you can go wrong here: everything on your list is a winner! Pick one and enjoy it in good health!

Regards alan

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If it is about the same price which i doubt i would go for the SN3/NDX2.
Besides sound quality,

  • do you want to connect it to a TV?
  • do you plan to use other sources as phono or a cd player?
  • do you want to be able to upgrade a little further in some years, maybe by adding a separate power supply?
  • which design do you like better?
  • are you an optimiser? If yes you will spend another 2k for 2 powerlines and 1x hi-line. The Nova takes that out of the equation.

By answering those questions you will be able to know which ones suits you best. Describing differences in sound quality between these two will only lead to confusion :slight_smile:

Depends amongst other things where you want to end up. Both will sound great with the S20s but if you want to upgrade the separates is the way to go.



Thank You for your wise advices, so with SN3+NDX2 Should I expect wow efect or just a small step forward?

You’d not go far wrong with a SN3 + NDX2, it’s the basis of my current system and more than capable and easy to live with. You can tinker with it in the usual Naim fashion but as a 2 box system it’s rather good.
I’ve owned various NAIT’s and both the ND5 XS and ND5 XS2 in the past. Never owned a Nova but do have a fully loaded Linn Selekt DSM by way of comparison.
The Naim system I have is the most enjoyable and capable.

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Depends on your ears and your system. I can tell you that i demoed a Uniti Star against a SN3/NDX2 and it was surely not a wow effect at all. As far as i have experienced the higher you go in the Naim range the more unimpressive it will sound as first glance. It will get more refined but less direct. The soundstage seems to move further back, but you get a better overall picture of the music (if that makes sense)

I have both and was expecting a good improvement with the SN2/NDX2 over the Nova, but it really is quite a bit better in all regards, detail, drive, dynamics and more cohesion - worthwhile in my experience.

I tried both last year. The NDX2/SN3 is hugely better than the Nova and to me is worth every single penny. I’m not going to say night and day and similar rubbish but it really is very, very much better. So it should be of course, as it is twice the price. If you can afford it, don’t think twice and go for it. But if the Nova is at the limit of your budget, get one and be happy.


I would go with the SN 3 and NDX 2 and they are worth the extra money you need to spend. You should demo at home or have a timeframe you can return for full refund with the dealer if you are apprehensive.

…at some point you man want to add a XPS DR to the NDX 2 which is a nice uplift in sound. (my experience) The SN can be upgraded with a HiCap DR, once again a nice upgrade. (my experience).

A lot of folks are happy with the Nova, others have owned and moved on and upgraded within the NAIM brand of products.

Search is your friend on the forum. Lots of threads discussing the all in one solutions, lots of threads on the integrated amps with streamers and power supplies. I know I was online reading the forum for a couple of months before I went in an bought my first Naim Nait XS 2 with a ND5XS.

Good luck with your decision, best if you hear the system in your room with your ears to come to the final answer.


I agree, I had downsized all the way down to a Nova but when I was offered an NDX2/SN2 demo package I took it.
Having owned some serious Streamer/Dac’s before downsizing, I was disappointed in the front end of the Nova. The swap took care of that problem.
I went down the Naim rabbit hole again and now have a 500/300 system with bunches of boxes. I’m sorely tempted to go back to an SN3/NDX-2.

The one box I’d miss is the most is the ND555. The NAC552/300DR pair are terrific but I listen to headphones so much I can’t justify so many boxes.
The SN2/3 plus NDX-2 are the starting point for Naim owners on their way up the ladder. Nevertheless, it’s good enough to satisfy most critical music lovers.


After a full active system for a decade I sold up, rendering with a Muso, Atom in quick succession then a Nova.

I eagerly awaited the NDX2/SN3 combo but was very disappointed, a marginal improvement.

I then upgraded my server to an Innuos, excellent result.

I went back to another Naim roadshow, take two NDX2 and disappointed.

I also am among a number of folks on this forum who have a SN3 and NDX2 combo. I also moved to this combo from a Nova. Agree with the comments from @hungryhalibut @seakayaker @leatherneck; it is a very good setup and for me better than the Nova. Currently no intention to add additional boxes as the two box solution fits in well with my room furniture without the need for specialist racking. I accept fully that I may be missing out on some potential SQ benefits but it provides a happy medium between the various room requirements.