Nova vs Supernait 3 with HiCapDR and NDX2

I am looking at upgrading my Nova to a Supernait 3 getting power through the HiCap DR and a NDX2. I have Spendor D7.2 speakers would I see a significant improvement over the Nova to justify the outlay? I would love to hear your opinions please as I am currently umming and ahhing about going for it. My room isn’t massive about 3mx3m not that I am sure that will have anything to do with it.

Thanks in advance and anyone that has already gone down a similar route id like to hear from you.

I came from Nova to NDX/Supernait2. In that change over I found a significant improvement and obviously that was using the original NDX.

I am now using NDX2,Supernait2,HiCapDR with Powerlines on all and Super Lumina interconnect.
All on a Fraim.
Certainly a big improvement over the Nova.

One thing I will say is bear in mind you will want to factor in a decent rack as it does become more and more beneficial as you start getting the better/more sensitive equipment.



I went from a Nova with Spendor A7’s to an SN3 & NDX2 with no psu’s as yet. Yes, once settled it was a significant improvement as you’d expect, the Nova with the A7’s always bothered me. I can’t imagine the Nova with the D7.2 is a great match to be honest as those speakers will demand a higher level of source and amplification to be at their best, the amp in the Nova is the weakness in my experience.

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I went from a Nova (it’s now in my second system) to a SN2/NDX2 and it’s quite a step up in performance, more than I expected and a very balanced system. I’ve since added a HiCAP and XPS DR, which have added more again.

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Thanks for the information Popeye interesting on the rack idea. Would you rate the Fraim? I guess its designed for it? I would be interested to hear the difference on and off a Fraim. I personally currently use a very cheap ugly hifi rack but looking to replace it and will look at the Fraim. Thanks again

Hi Mike,

I was looking at adding a XPS DR but it is currently way out of my price range with everything else. Was there a big increase from this? I am going to hopefully start with the HiCap DR then eventually get the XPS DR would you recommend this?

Hi Hollow

I think you are right which is why I am looking to get the better system. Many thanks for your advice do you feel the SN3 would be a good match for the D7.2s?

I added the Fraim following the advice of many on the forum.
Yes it is certainly a nice improvement. It certainly enhances separation and gives extra clarity.
A decent rack with good de-coupling is the foundation and essential building blocks going forward in my opinion having now owned one first hand.

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It’ll be a better match for sure but equally they’ll respond well the further along the path you go, they’re a fairly revealing loudspeaker

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Yes, a tricky one this because, as you say, the XPS DR is quite a lot more than the HiCAP. I think the XPS DR gives more lift than the HiCAP, so it’s arguably best to do the XPS first. But if you can only afford the HiCAP to start, it’s a more affordable and worthwhile addition on its own and then add a XPS later if desired.

The XPS really opens up the source and the HiCAP sort of brings more cohesion and weight.

It’s certainly going to be a worthwhile upgrade.

If you are able to listen at a dealers before you buy I would compare what an XPS DR vs Hi-Cap brings to the system.

I have a feeling that the XPS DR will be the more significant upgrade as it’s on the source.

Whilst the XPS may be too far a stretch now, it could be worth holding off the Hi-Cap and diverting (some of!) the funds to an XPS later.

Do heed the advice re a good rack. Fraim is the best but expensive. I think it would be a close call between a Fraim and a Hi-Cap for me. The difference it brings is much more significant that one would like to believe.

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Thanks for this info, it certainly gives me a lot to think about. I never actually thought about getting a Fraim didn’t honestly think it would make a huge amount of difference. What would you personally do between a Fraim/XPS DR/HiCap DR?

Square rooms tend to be the most difficult acoustically. You may, at the very least, find that you need to reposition your speakers after changing the amp.

I’d do XPS DR and then be on the lookout for a used Fraim or Hi-Cap DR and buy whatever comes up first.

I wouldn’t argue with anyone who said gat the Fraim first.

It’s also worth getting a dedicated radial mains supply installed.

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Hi I must admit I have absolutely no idea what a radial mains supply is??

It’s a separate mains supply run direct from the meter.

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As @trickydickie says a dedicated supply bring wonders. 10mm, 32 amp type C is what Naim recommend on its own consumer unit.

I take it that all you guys have done the separate mains supplies, what was the cost of doing this? I can’t imagine its a cheap thing to do.

Compared to all this Naim stuff the materials are very cheap. The overall cost will depend mostly on the amount of time and effort it takes for an electrician to instal it, and how long or awkward the cable runs are in your house.

Mine cost £250