Nova with Neat lota bookshelf’s?

Back on this crusade with new info…Short story is that I’ve done a complete 180 on these. Will not be replacing them. As a matter of fact, I’m looking at a pair of Iota Xplorers to add my main system downstairs.

So what’s changed? Well, I picked up a S/H NAC-N 172 for the office and am running it with my UQ1 as the power amp. The difference in sound is incredible. Yes, the earlier problem of only coming alive at higher volumes still exists, but not as much as just running the UQ. It just sounds absolutely fantastic all around.

Could be just the electronics switch, could be a bit of running in, could be a bit of my ears adjusting. But the end result is that there is indeed a large amount of synergy between these Neats and some ‘lite’ Naim gear. I’m super pleased with the sound coming out of these - low and high volume.

I’m thinking that the XS series is probably the best pairing with these. So now I go hunting for a 155XS to replace the Qute. :grinning:

But back to the original question - if you had a Nova with these, they’d sound incredible. More cowbell through a small speaker has to be good.


B&Ws & Dynaudio’s work well at low volumes?
I’ve read Dyns like higher volume to make them sing.

I’m looking at speakers for my office/library for next year. Good at low volumes and close to walls is a must. Most speakers I’m looking at are not rear ported(other than the Spendors), have a transmission line, or sealed designs.

Speakers I’m considering and the list will lengthen:

Spendor 3/1
PMC 25-22i
ProAC dr2
Tannoy Eaton (big)
Fyne 500sp or 700
Harbeth 30.2 XD

I’ve tried 3 of those and I’m demoing a fourth (currently waiting for local speaker shop to be able to sort home demo). Edit: I’ll be interested if you post your experiences after demoing.

This is good news. I have Iota’s in the kitchen with an Atom and whilst they are definitely not the last word in scale, they have a wonderful ability to draw you into the music… Also mine took an age to run in.

Yes. I also think my ears needed a bit of run-in time in the same room

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When I drove them to a moderate and above volume with my UnitiQute2/NAP100, I could not stop hearing the bass as a “thwack” Maybe there was something wrong with the dealer’s demo pair but I didn’t like that at all.

I have a nova driving Iotas in my kitchen. They are free standing on top of the wall cabinets and they sound great! very good pairing.

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