Nova with S600 Ovators?

This is from a review of the Nova:

“While I can think of a few products that might be on-paper competitors to the Naim Uniti Nova, I haven’t heard any that quite achieved what this unit has. To boot, I also heard an exceptional pairing of the Naim Uniti Nova with some Wilson Sabrina X speakers”

The Wlsons are around £24K.

Pay no heed to this nonsense that ‘they deserve better electronics’. Of course they will sound better with better electronics. So will any bloody speaker!

The sole question that you need to answer is “do they sound good with my Nova in my room?” If the answer to that is “yes” then what’s the problem?

I used my £4K Klipsch Forte III’s with a Denon Micro System for a couple of weeks. They sounded terrific.

Look, any speakers will benefit from the best electronics you can afford. But that doesn’t equate to them not sounding good with lesser electronics as long as these can drive them satisfactorily in electrical terms.

It all depends on the particular combination. As it always does - at any price level. You need to listen to it. But this myth of ‘you can’t drive expensive speakers with lesser electronics’ is just a myth.


Happily, you make a very good and strong case for the path I’d like to follow, gonna have to review my options over the weekend I think. Thanks for your opinion.

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Those who shout the loudest often get heard. It doesn’t necessarily make them right.

Going back to my original question, do you like the sound of the 600s? Or are you just interested in them because they are cheap.

I’d suggest the post to read again and reflect on is that from @sound-hound who actually owns the speakers.


Seem to remember the 600s dip down to 2.8 ohms somewhere in the frequency curve, might be a bit much to expect the Nova to cope with that low of a speaker impedance.

Anyone have specs?


Hi HH, I very much like the sound of them, but the price is an attraction no doubt. After discussing all of this with ‘she who controls everything, and is always wise’ aka my wife, I am going to seriously think again about the whole situation!

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Thinking is good. But auditioning is definitive, and will help the thinking, making the decision for you, in either direction. Anyone selling decent quality hifi, assuming genuine, will understand and even expect people to want to hear, and in my experience they are happy to let the potential buyer bring their own partnering kit to do that.


The Nova will happily drive Kudos 606 and Sopra 2s, not optimised maybe, but very good. I can’t speak for the 600s though, I guess it really depends if the OP prefers the presentation over his BWs.

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Of course it doesn’t HH.

The point is that if someone owns a Nova and they fancy the Ovator S600’s then why not if the combination works and sounds good? You seem keen to dissuade from buying them on the grounds that ‘they deserve better’. I think that’s daft and doesn’t make sense. They are inanimate objects. They don’t ‘derserve’ anything. You just use them as you see fit.

Anyway you’ve got your opinion and that’s fine. I just think it’s a damn shame if someone want’s them and they are being put off buying them just because someone thinks it’s not quite the ‘done’ thing. If they work they work.

Others on this thread seem to be using them with lesser amps sans problems.

I still think you should give the Sabrina’s a whirl. You never know, you might be very pleasantly surprised.


I guess it’s down to what ‘sounds good’ means. Obviously the Nova will work with them. It’s whether it really controls them that matters. I’ve heard plenty of underdriven speakers and they have the dynamics of a wet lettuce. They might work, but without a home trial it’s a heck of a risk, and if it doesn’t work out then selling them won’t be easy. They are cheap for a reason. They are also massive and need lots of space, so are hardly discreet in one’s room.

As to the Wilsons I’m perfectly happy with my PMCs. They are lovely speakers and I’m not trying to win the ultimate mullet competition. I’ll leave that to others.

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You do seem to be very happy with your Nova/PmC combo. I guess you have reached the end of your upgrading/ down sizing journey?

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That’s the plan, for all sorts of reasons. In the past I’d have been working out how to get the latest stuff, but now I’m reading threads about the New Classics and have no desire to get it whatsoever. It’s rather strange.


Same with me. At some point will probably swap the NDX for an NDX2 just because of the additional functionality. Otherwise will leave it there and spend my cash on other things.

Anyway I am off topic. Let the debate re commence…

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I agree. That’s why they need to be heard. As for size etc., well I assume the OP knows how big they are and that they will fit his room.

As for discreet I reckon they probably wont take up that much more floor space than your PMC’s/stands - and floor standers always look better than stands IMO. And looks are of course always opinion.

If you’re happy with your PMC’s then good on you. It’s not about winning anything or achieving this or that is it? I just thought that if you have the cash then you could be depriving yourself of something really special that you might thoroughly enjoy.

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I’ve heard Sopra 2’s sounding really good with a Nova. Maybe even look to the Kanta 2, if you’re just hankering for a change of speaker?

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Not at all. More like eminently sensible I’d say.

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Perhaps it’s just that you’ve finally found the system that gives exactly the sound you like. Or your accident and associated adjustments brought you to appreciate the enjoyment of the system more than its building, so just a few changes then to find what is right for you now.

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I do know the causes, but I’m not going into it here, as it’s off topic. The important thing on this thread is that the OP gets some speakers that work for them. Maybe they already have them.

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Not strange HH, just because it’s new doesn’t mean you have to want or indeed need it.

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It’s strange for me! In a good way.

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This is a strange thread in a way. The OP has set his sights on a pair of Ovators. Most people seem to think it’s an OK combination and there are some who are using them with ‘lesser’ Naim amps very successfully.

There are one or two who seem dead set against the OP buying them. On the grounds that - well that the Nova isn’t good enough. It’s a ‘mullet’. It doesn’t fit the ‘source first’ thinking pattern.

The first thing to say is that I don’t think anyone here would argue that the S600’s will sound better with £30K’s worth of electronics up them. But the OP has a Nova. Does that mean he shouldn’t get the speakers he would like to have? He’s not in the ‘right league’ to join the club? He shouldn’t get speakers that are so good, because his inferior system won’t ‘do them justice’? They 'deserve better".

I’m sorry to be so blunt but what a load of clap-trap. The guy can’t have them unless he spends another, what say £20K on better electronics? He should settle for a pair of £1K bookshelf speakers and count himself lucky? It’s almost like snobbery. And compleletely misguided.

The only question to be answered here for the OP is ‘do I like the sound of the S600’s with my Nova in my room?’ If he does then of course he should get them - why on earth not?!

Sorry if this offends the sensibilities of some people here. Yes it’s a so-called ‘mullet’. Yes it doesn’t follow standard system building advice. I bet the guy with a Nova and a pair of Wilson Sabrina X’s doesn’t give a toss. He’s just lapping up great sound and great music.