Nova with Sony A80J TV using HDMI ARC

I’ve just got a new Sony A80J 55" TV (Lucky me) but I cant get the HDMI ARC to work, well actually it does turn the Nova on and off so the control is there but I just get noise coming through not the TV audio. I’ve played with all the settings I can find but no change.

Anyone else have this or any tips?

PS I’ve tried a few HDMI cables and they’re the same, is there a particular type of cable I should get?


If you get “noise”, a likely cause is having the TV send e.g. surround sound to the Nova.
You need to set the TV to output stereo only PCM encoded signal. (View the ARC interface.)

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Just to add - the DAC in the Nova is 2 channel so cannot decode a multichannel bitstream. This is why you need to set your TV to output 2 channel PCM so the DAC in the Nova can decode it properly.


Learn this the hard way with my UQ2. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! yes that fixed it. It did show as PCM but was greyed out, I played with some setting and hey presto! it all came good. Thanks for the tip! :+1:

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Understood, thank you! :+1:

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