Now for something(s) completely different

Two albums on steady rotation this recently at home that suggest my musical tastes have got a bit more diverse. Both are great though I reckon. I hope something for someone to enjoy.

Arooj Aftab ‘Vulture Prince’

Largely sung in Urdu. Lush, hindustani classical, jazz, ambient. Mesmerising. A definite headphone album

… And in contrast Dry Cleaning ‘New Long Leg’ is a bit of post punk art-rock with droll spoken ‘nonsense’ vocals that might be tiresome by the time of any second album but for now is just great. More for blasting in the car than on headphones!


And there was me expecting this to be about dead parrots and silly walks (though not expecting the Spanish Inquisition)!

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Well it is the Music Room!

Me too

Well if its music you want…


Buttered scones anyone?

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Washed down with Chateau de Chassilas

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