NS01 Downloads folder in Naim app?

Hi all,

I’ve put a bunch of music into my downloads folder in my NS01 after some people here were able to help me map that as a network drive.

I’m now actually trying to locate them on my app to play through a Muso.

Do I need to use the desktop client to get this folder to show up?


Can you see the Downloads folder? If it’s just the contents that are missing, you probably need to rescan using the DTC, and possibly refresh the UPnP cache on the app.

I can see the downloads directory with all the music in it, and i can also see the music folder which has all my rips from my computer, but only the rips are viewable in the naim app when I use Upnp for the muso. I cant seem to find it in DCT anywhere I look, nothing relating to a downloads folder, I’ve refreshed the NS01 cache to see what that might do.

I don’t know the NS01 but as it’s obviously not indexing the downloads folder, I suggest you use the DTC to make sure that the folder is listed as “active” or some such word because I remember my Unitiserve stopped indexing the downloads folder after I had inadvertently changed it to something else.

Hi Liam,

If you can’t see the downloads share in DTC, click on Scannable Network Shares*, click Add. Then enter \\\Downloads and click Ok.
*That’s off the top of my head, as I don’t have a unit in front of me!


The downloads will simply form part of your music library, together with rips.

Hi Adam,

the Downloads are not showing up with my rips

that would be the case for a new core though.

the folder doesn’t exist inside of the DTC as far as I can see.

Hi Neil,

Thanks I’ll give this a try.


Thanks Neil,

worked straight away!

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