NSat Speakers

Hi All …
First post so please be gentle.
I’ve had a pair of NSat speakers for a few years. They are the black/silver finished versions and used on their dedicated stands.
I bought them used and they sound great in my tiny 3m x 3.5m listening room.
I’ve hardly ever seen NSats for sale and never in the black finish. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion about them on any forums including the former Naim forum.
Were they not especially popular? And where and how was the black finish applied. TIA

It depends on who you ask. The n-Sats did have quite a following amongst those who appreciated their virtues. I think that a certain Milan based member here had the most pairs - every time he sold them, he found that he missed something that they did well, so bought back again. Those who have them are probably not in any rush to sell on, but if you’re patient they do crop up from time to time in the usual places.

I use a Cherry pair in my bedroom, mounted on n-Stands, and powered by a restored NAIT 2.

The Black/silver piano finish was applied by the cabinet makers. Sorry, I don’t know what process they used though.

Hi Richard and Basil,
I still have a pair i bought new new in 2010 and still love them albeit being now on duty on a secondary system. Paired with a good source and Nait XS amp have a tremendous SQ. I also actually own the last pair previously belonging to that “certain member” of the Milan area.
The black lacquer/silver grill, afaik was sold in tiny numbers basically for the German marlket perhaps.


Ah, Roberto, I wondered when you would post on this thread.

As you rightly surmise, the Black/Silver piano finished n-Sats, and n-Cent probably didn’t sell in the kind of numbers the maple or cherry ones did. The Silver front section was fairly controversial. Not to my taste either. I would have liked just piano black…

Speaking of Milan, I recall one Top Audio show when the SL2s arrived damaged and all we had to hand as substitute was a pair of n-Sats. So we had a full 500 series Naim system (and a rather costly Klimo turntable spinning vinyl as well) and a little pair of n-Sats on the end. And… it was great! In fact the room was constantly packed out and most who heard them were highly complimentary of how those little “sats” performed.

I still rember that Top Audio, it was 2008 or 2009 perhaps. Personally i was really gobsmacked for their scale and bass extension, When i came in, the Klimo deck was playing Eagles H. California.
While i have to say that was the sound of the S400 at their 2010 launch was pretty flat and uninspiring.
Ironically they performed much better on the last 2012 edition of Top Audio, driven by a more humble Uniti and being relegated in a sort of open room/corridor


I have a pair of N-Sats which were languishing in the loft, until we decided to move the main system out of the living room. This gave me an excuse to set them up in a second system, and I bought an Atom. They seem to work very well together. A lot of the time it’s just for background music, but I cranked it up high when we had a new years eve party, and it really got people out of their seats and dancing. I never realised how much bass the little things could produce until then.

I’m getting plenty of use out of mine - wall mounted as surrounds with the AV set up (SL2s up front, Axess, n-Sub up front).

Very discreet on the wall, most folk don’t even notice them unless I point them out.

Just like wife, they’re keepers!

There is also a pair for sale in the UK, at a well-known Naim second-hand specialist.

Unfortunately I never had the chance to hear n-sats. In fact, I never had the chance to hear any Naim speakers – I joined the cult too late… :wink:

But I am somewhat intrigued by them, especially since they can work close to walls. My study is terribly small (a very small London “boxroom”), but I spent a lot of time in there (like right now, for instance). So far, a Muso QB gives me joy, but I do wonder about the possibility of a “mini-system” in the study – i.e. a show-box amp (Nait 2?), DAC with Pi-based streamer, and a small pair of speakers on the wall for “super near-field” listening. I am really talking about a rather small box room here unfortunately…

I assume n-Sats could work here – but how do they compare in terms of sound signature to a pair of ProAc Tablette (from the second-hand market), for instance? Insights from the small speaker experts would be appreciated.

I hope the OP doesn’t mind that I take advantage of this window of opportunity for a question that has been on my mind for a while…


I have a pair that I have been using in my loft/study with a unitiqute - replaced with SBLs (which were replaced by SL2s) and will move downstairs to use with telly when I get a suitable source. Also have four with ncent and nsub as cinema system

My brother is using an uq2 & guru juniors in a small room - works nice. Neat Iota’s also come to mind. Don’t have them but when I auditioned them, they sounded very well. Also the neat iota alphas.

I use a cherry pair in my workroom, and powered by a NAIT 2 as well. Source is a restored CD2.
The sound fantastic !
Marco :tophat:


I ran a pair for a good few years and enjoyed them. They liked a NAP300 up 'em :open_mouth:

I have had five pairs of N-Sats, and nothing indicates among the signs in the sky that I might not have a sixth pair someday again. BTW, I am the ‘certain member’ whose last Sats now RSCH (Roberto) has. I regret a little having sold them to him.

My first pair was the black/silver finish, and I have retained in these 12 years a feeling that they sound a little different from the maple or cherry ones. All in all, I have had one black pair, one maple and three cherry pairs. I still love them irrationally. They are by far the best small speakers I have heard, and the prettiest design I am aware of.

Don’t sell yours. Never.


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I have two pairs of n-Sats finished in black lacquer.
I bought them all new in about 2005 and have used them in a surround sound system ever since.
Great speakers in my opinion.

We have a pair on the outside wall of our upstairs bedroom, on the factory bent-metal stands, and powered by a NaitXS and FlatcapXS, driven by a CD5X, all on an IsoBlue stand. It sounds great. Big sound from a small system.

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I use a Naim n-System in my study for music/tv etc. Hooked up to 552DR/300DR/NDS/LP12 etc and Arcam 850 AV amp (using unity gain on 552, so front speakers driven by 300DR)

Sounds fantastic. It’s a small room but it’s my ‘man cave’ where I hide from my other half.

No intention of changing from the nSats (n-System), unless I’m allowed to take over the living room, which is extremely unlikely to occur. :grinning:

Thanks for the interesting replies/comments…
I’ve no intention of moving my n-Sats on unless (in the extremely unlikely event) I get a larger room.
Mine sound great on the end of a humble Nait 5i. Plenty of detail and “bounce” and no lack of tuneful bass.
If I’m completely honest I’d prefer an all piano black (or maybe maple) finish with cloth grilles but mine were the only ones I could find at the time. They are in absolutely mint condition and I guess the black/silver finish does tie in well with my gloss black Planar 3.
I’d certainly agree with Ardbeg10y’s comments suggesting Neat Iotas for use in a small environment…I’ve heard them do marvellous things in a small Naim system!!

I had a maple pair in my second system, run from a Qute. they really sounded great but absolutely came to life with an nSub in addition. At a push I could have lived with that combination in my main system I think.

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I also use my n-sats for surrround sound, together with n-sub and n-cent, they sound great