NSC 222 Connections

I have the 200 Series in for audition. Can’t tell exactly from the manual but can the unbalanced outputs feed for example a 282 at the same time as feeding the 250?


Probably not a good idea. Not what Naim intended.

The RCA outputs can be used for a subwoofer, so it follows that they can run at the same time as the XLRs. That said, they are not a fixed level line out, so volume would vary and there would be two preamps in play. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

It can drive both outputs (XLR and RCA)

Be careful
The 222 has a volume control, so does 282. There will be two volume controls in the system. This could be clumsy to use.

If you set the 222 output to fixed it will be very loud via the 250

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How many dBs will that be @110dB :rofl:

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…slightly too much, about 111dB :rofl:

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Just one too high. :laughing:

Just one more wafer thin mint Sir :rofl:

Thanks all. I was looking to see if in fact the feed would be safe. I will err on caution and not pursue this connection.

BTW the new gear is super detailed and powerful as it should be at 9k per box here in the USA. Build quality is top shelf as well.

Thank you for all the rapid responses. The Naim forum rules!


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