NSC222 Phono Stage

Hi all. Just wondering what people’s first impressions were of it and what they would compare it to? I’ve not heard it yet so am keen to understand what the other forum members (who have) have experienced.

I am interested too as have ordered the NSC 222 and ATC SCM40 actives. This will allow me to bring my Michell back into service in my system 2

It sounds really good to me—if you’ve heard a naim MM phono section and liked the presentation, I think you’ll like the sound.

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That sounds promising. I’ve had a stageline before into a nac 112x fed by a rega p3 but the cart was an awful elys mk1. Then lost my way with HiFi a little before coming back to it about 10 years ago. Now have a Gyro SE into a Graham Slee Era Gold V and curious as to how it might compare to the one built into the 222

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