NSS 333 review

Great that the days of waiting is coming to a near end!!! And there you have it - your 332 :clap:t2:

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Sounds very similar to my experience between NDX2 + 555PSDR versus NDS + 555PSDR where the NDS seems more like 333.

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Chamber Music friend I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the review and even more delighted that it led you on to purchase your own NSS 333. You now own one of the best products I feel Naim has ever made, and I hope that you enjoy the music you love on it for years to come…

It was very interesting to read your impressions and to see that they tally with my own.

We’re truly blessed to live in an era where such reproduction is possible - now go and buy a Chasing the Dragon download and you’ll really hear what it can do! I guarantee your socks will be blown clean off!!!



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Jonathan thank you for your great reviews of the 333 and 332. How long for the nap 350 review?

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I think NAP 350 is scheduled for publication at the end of this month, it was submitted a good while ago. I took a break from Naim for a bit and slotted in the AT-ART20 cartridge review which came out today.

That’s an absolutely spellbinding cartridge for the money.


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Ok. :+1: will check your website. Thank you once again.

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Well, the NAC332 arrived back with me this evening. All set up and listening to the tv while watching the footy. Sounds great but as the whole system has been powered off for 4 weeks, it probably isn’t quite at its best yet.

Great to have it back and will listen to some music later.

The balance control now works as it should.


Just read the 332 review, what a great review. As a 552 owner, I didn’t give it much attention at first, but then remembered how enjoyable the ATC and other naim reviews you wrote were, so I gave it a whirl. Loved it, your writing style is really entertaining, being Australian, I had a good cackle at the Michael Hutchence bit, and reflected on the times my dignity was lost in a similar way. Like the way naim electronics cut to the heart of the music matter, your reviews go straight to how we love music and the naim boxes that take us to those special places. Keep up the great work!


So unless you cannot get the volume you desire this is actually a very good feature with a volume control without any tactile minimum and maximum. No need to blow speakers because of children or other people just moving the dial while the unit is off. Cleaning could even cause this.

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Thanks Mario, it’s always really nice to receive such comments and to know people enjoy what I’m writing. Unfortunately there have been a few ‘Michael Hutchence moments’ when I get carried away and they usually result in a glacial stare from my 19 year old daughter if she catches me!!!

What I’m trying to do is to inspire, inform, engage and sometimes amuse. The nice thing about Soundstage is that they like a bit of British humour thrown in with all the techno-babble, hopefully at least some of it hits the mark.

Claus - I think you have a point re: the reduced volume range, I just think it might be better to render full power out of the box and give people with children or careless cleaners the chance to override that if they feel the need. Also I feel it’s my responsibility to point out little irritations even with the products I love. After all we can’t have those Naim chaps putting their feet up and resting on their laurels too much :wink: !!


I did not notice any sonic difference after having changed it to maximum as indicated by Jonathan above. On my line up at least.

It’s ONLY volume control