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looking for advice on connecting an Nsub. System at the moment is NAC172XS, Flatcap, Stageline, 250.2 S400 speakers. I can’t see any way other than using the L/R RCA out on the 172. I want to get a pre amp and ND5 XS 2 and DR the 250 then take the 172 out, the ND5 will wait for awhile so will use the 172 as a streamer. Any advice on what pre and power supplies would fit together well.

There are two questions here: which preamp and how to connect the sub. As you doubtless realise, your speakers and power amp are in a different class to the 172. The ideal preamp is the 282, with Hicap DR. To match that you are really looking at an NDX2.

In that scenario you would connect the sub to the Hicap using a low level connection, or alternatively, and better, you’d take a high level connection from the back of the speakers.

Now, if NDX and 282 was on the cards, you’d probably be best adding the NDX first.

One other thought - if you are happy with the functionality of the 172 and Roon, Qobuz and Googlecast isn’t important - is a used 272, ideally with an XPSDR power supply. The 272 has sub sockets on the back and would only be two boxes with its XPS, rather than three for the 282, and NDX and potentially an XPS later.

Hopefully that makes some sense.

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Cheers for that am now on the hunt for a used 282 and will more than likely a new NDX. Not much used gear shows up in Australia and the dollar is non existent so very costly. Hopefully soon will be where I need to be.
Very good advice thanks.


If you connect from the Hicap using the low level signal connection, you should aim to either get the Naim sub lead (it was available is 5m or 10m lengths) or if that’s too hard to find, then ask your dealer to make up a low capacitance sub lead DIN4 - 2 x RCA phono and to slug it with 100R resistors at the Din end. This will make it easier for the pre/hicap to drive.

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