Number of DBLs SBLs etc that Naim made

Anyone know how many pairs of the different speaker models (DBL/SBL/IBL/Intro/Credo) were made by Naim? I am trying to get a sense of just how rare they are as I contemplate buying some vintage speakers from time to time.

I believe I have seen figures on DBLs/SL2s in the past but can’t seem to find them by searching…

I think there were about 230 pairs of NBLs sold.

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Thanks Michael. Did you happen to own NBLs before your Kudos?

I was about to say around 300 pairs of NBL’s but I think Michael’s figure of 230 could be right. I still love mine :grinning:


Yes I had NBLs until last year and then replaced them with 808s. They have found a new home and are now being run active.

I believe SBL were made in most pairs as they lived for more than fifteen years.

Ariva the shortest living, was it three years.

Indeed it could be interesting to know complete numbers manufactured.

349 pairs of SL2s


Under 200 for DBL’s if I remember correctly.

Don’t know the answer but I have two pairs of SBLs here…

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Trying to breed them? :wink:

I expect there were more SBLs manufactured than any other naim speaker but as well as knowing how many would also be interesting to know how many still survive.


I can almost hear the pitta patter of IBLs Debs…

Ickle Baby Loudspeakers, very cute!

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I was told that less than 100 of NBLs were available in N. America. Even fewer DBLs most likely.

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