Numerical designations to Hicap, Supercap etc

Hi all, as stated before, I am by far more aquainted with the olive series, rather than the newer classic range.
Just a quick question to clarify something for me…

I have notice people reffering to a Hicap (olive) and a Hicap2 (classic - black box)
The same, sometimes, with the Supercap.

Is Hicap2 an actual designated model, or is it simply a colloquialism to differentiate describing a classic Hicap (black box) vs an olive Hicap?

I think all of the classic series (black box) Hicaps I have seen just say “Hicap” on the rear, not Hicap2.
So, are there actually 2 classic (black box) models of Hicap - “Hicap” & an illusive “Hicap2”

Many thanks!.

See my post here from a couple of days back:

Did you expect Naim to be… logical…?

Have a look at the Naim Product History.

Thank you, Richard.
I found it just after posting!

Just checked it out and saw something quite surprising:

HDX (not SSD or 2TB): 2008 Software version 1.6: internet radio and auto back-up to NAS

I was told that the dual drive HDX could not back up to a NAS. Is the listing in error?

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No good asking me… :crazy_face:

@Richard.Dane - ??

No idea I’m sorry to say. One for Naim…

Maybe @NeilS can help?

2008 was the original release date of the HDX, not the date of the 1.6 update. That would have been around 2011 or 2012 at a guess, roughly when the twin drives were abandoned in favour of a larger single drive.

I think that I’m right in saying that the Naim model label on the back of the CDS II does not have the ‘II’ (that is, ‘2’) designation, and the original CDS and later CDS II look very similar. (I can’t remember now what differences/improvements were made when the newer modeI was released.)

Anyway, I bought mine shortly after the newer model had been introduced, and I remember thinking that my dealer had played a fast one on me and sold me some old stock, but an anguished call reassured me that all was well.

I think this is right, but I’m not home so can’t check any of this.

As the most recent streamer was 555, I had been looking forward to the next one being 666. It would be “a real beast” of a unit.

I’ll get me coat.

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Just reiterating the information on the Naim support website. Sounds like it’s pretty much all wrong!

Are you referring to the Product History page?

I don’t have a definitive answer, but I’m pretty sure you can configure network backup with a twin drive unit.


Mine does

But, as is clear from this thread, these things seem to change over time.

“Are you referring to the Product History page?”

Yep, that’s it.

That’s the $64,000 question. Nowhere does it say you can or how, and when I last asked Tech Support, earlier this year, there was no response.

Thank you, Matthew, I will have a look when I get home. I’m as sure as I can be that my unit does not have that ‘HCCD’ logo shown in the photo, as I described elsewhere, a week or so ago, my surprise on seeing ‘hdcd’ flash up in the display when I first played a Shakira CD (which was not shown in its packaging as anything out of the ordinary).
And I can’t think of any other CDs that I have, which have ever caused the display to light up, but I have lots, so perhaps I have missed others.

Mine is a late model (2002). I wouldn’t be surprised if the labels had changed over time.

The built in automatic backup on HDX (and Unitiserve) was only introduced a while after the single 1TB HDD units arrived. Before that Naim used to recommend that you used backup software on a NAS to access the drive and back it up. Not sure if this recommendation extended to the 2 x 400 drive units, possibly not if one internal drive backed up the other although I assume it would still be possible.

Then perhaps you missed the final column on the right that shows the date the update arived, in this case 2011.