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good morning
I’m at the beginning of my “liquid music” journey and I need some information.
I bought a magic dac 100 to start with, the audio quality of which I find rather poor.
as source I use a 21.5 inch Imac with subscription to qobuz and audirvana set to perfection.
my question is:
if i buy a used Naim audio DAC can i connect it to my source?
do you have other solutions to propose to me while always staying at Naim?
thank you

If you want to use your computer the discontinued V1 would be the ideal Naim solution as it was designed to connect to a computer via USB. The NDAC, also discontinued, would require a converter if you want to run a computer into it.

If you are considering a combined streamer/DAC there are other Naim options, which would allow you to keep music separate from your computer.

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using my mac with a dac the cost to listen to liquid music would be low compared to a streamer … or not?

my goal is to get as close as possible to my CDS in terms of sound

Using your Mac would be more cost effective as you don’t need a streamer, just a DAC. I think the best value you would find in the Naim range would be a used NDAC, which you could upgrade by adding a separate power supply in future if you wanted.
Your Mac may have an optical output in the headphone socket, which was a combined analogue and Toslink output on some models. Otherwise you would need a USB to SPDIF converter.

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Thank you

Using a good quality asynchronous USB to S/Pdif convertor here will probably give best results into the Naim DAC. Look at Audiophilleo, Mutec, Gustard, Yellotec etc…

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