NYC vinyl heaven?

International travel recommences for me next month (for work, not pleasure). Used to do a lot of it pre-pandemic. But pre-pandemic I didn’t have record player.

Is anyone in a position to recommend record shops I ought to visit in Manhattan? Staying in midtown, and not likely to have a lot of free time sadly. But, when I have a spare hour I’m happy to take a subway and explore some vinyl heaven. Ditto Washington DC.

Happy to do a search on tinternet but I wonder if someone on this forum has an inside track? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Never mind buying records, go to the Village Vanguard. So many wonderful concerts there have been recorded. It’s just so small and the stairs are really steep.


Would love to HH. Time is tight but I’ve certainly not dismissed this. Many thanks.

It’s a great place, though drinks aren’t exactly cheap. The Metropolitan Opera is good too. And walk the Highline.

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Absolutely - walked the High Line many times since it opened. Passed Jonathan Ross of all people last time there.

Quite excited about picking up some great vinyl at relatively cheap prices - Acoustic Sounds etc. Nothing to declare at UK customs, honest guv.

I find used record shopping to be an exercise in time invested vs. successful acquisitions, and I’ve not really been able to get the equation to work out for me.

Perhaps it’s because I decide on a title I want first; I’m really not in the market for just picking up random finds.

For this reason, I rely upon online sellers who have proven to accurately grade the records and have a money-back return policy. I’d rather pay them for their time.

There is SO MUCH to do in NYC that I’d rather see you put those minutes and hours elsewhere. Especially is vinyl is so “hot” – crazy bargains aren’t really found in the shops. You have to find an estate sale and seller who doesn’t know what they have for the REAL bargains.

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