O2 Institute Birmingham, any good?

Hi All,
Has anyone been to gigs at the O2 Institute Birmingham (Not the O2 Academy).
I’m unfamiliar with this venue and thinking of getting tickets for Steel Pulse in May. It would involve a long journey and overnight stay so dont want to go through the travelling and extra expense if the venue is disappointing. Both my partner and I also have back problems so standing for any length of time is a no. There seem to be mixed reviews of the venue on trip advisor. According to which, it’s a converted church with unreserved bench seats on the balcony’s which can get overcrowded.
Any feedback appreciated.

Hi Dread
There are three ‘rooms’ at the Institute. The main one (much bigger) does have seating (I believe, but haven’t been in). The second one certainly doesn’t and the third almost certainly won’t because it’ll be smaller still.
(And there certainly is plenty of confusion between the Academy and the Institute!)

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Hi Gavin,
Thanks, yes initially I thought it was the academy which is fine, but then I saw it was a different O2 I’ve never been too hence my query

Funnily enough my son regularly works at both so if you need a young man in a yellow high vis telling you where to go , be nice to him !:grin:

we believe it would be in the main room and there will be seating on balcony only [ other than that there is no seats ] [ this is from someone who works there ]

I really like the Institute, have been there for many a gig over the years, also in its previous life when it was the Digbeth Civic Hall.
There isn’t much in the way of seating downstairs in the main room though there is a small amount of seating on the balcony.
Not sure if this is generally on public sale normally.
It’s a classic historical venue with a great atmosphere I imagine for Steel Pulse it’s going to be pretty rammed with the local boys coming home…sure that will be an amazing gig.
Have a look at some of the pictures on line, should give you a flavour for what it’s like.

In fact going there to see Slade just before Christmas who are scheduled to play in the small room, that’s a proper Christmas gig !

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All the O2 venues I have been at have very good audio systems. They seem to know how to make that extra difference.

I’ve had previous experience of being told where to go by someone in a hi-vis!


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That’s for sure

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