O5 XS Tuner with HCDR

Has anyone added HCDR to XS 05 tuner and happy with outcome?


I don’t have the XS version, mine’s a straight NAT-05; but a friend of mine with the XS added a HCdr, it made a small improvement & he was happy with it but he eventually (now) used it on his SN2 amp.

If I was in that position considering a NAT05xs and Hicap DR, I think I’d get much better performance spending the money on a nice serviced NAT01 instead.

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I have three Naim tuners, 05 , 05XS, and 02 Olive. Is 01 way better than 02 or just slightly better?


From the products page of the now discontinued NAT05XS on the Naim Audio site, I notice: " Performance upgradable with external FlatCap XS"

Sorry, I cannot help with a comparison.

I won a 05XS, hadn’t realised you could put a HCDR on it. I have, however, got a flatcap xs on mine and it provides a fairly significant improvement. The flatcap also powers my stageline

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That is… If you can find one!

It’s better. And if you have an XPS-T on it, better still…

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