Occasional switch between standard set-up and Sonos

I have an NAC202, NAP150x, phono stage, Proj-ject RPM10, Focal 816V speakers in a standard set-up but would like to connect it to the Sonos’ in the other rooms, so I can play the vinyl in other rooms sometimes as well as the floor standers. What’s the best solution ?

You need a line in capable Sonos product - something like the Sonos Connect or Port as the later version is now called. This will accept an analogue input which it will digitise for use by other Sonos speakers on your network and this input can be selected via the Sonos App (under Browse > line in)

You’ll need a 5 Pin DIN to RCA cable to connect the 202 tape output to the RCA inputs on the Connect or Port. Be sure to specify the DIN plug wiring to use the output pins on the tape out connector.

One possible issue is sync to the main system. Playing vinyl across your network of Sonos speakers, the sound will be in sync. There may be a small delay between your Sonos speakers and your main Hi-Fi speakers due to latency in the Sonos system - just something to be aware of and possibly just enough to be a nuisance if walking from the lounge where the main speakers are to say another room where you can hear both sets of speakers as you walk through. If you don’t intend to listen to the main system speakers at the same time as the Sonos then this is not an issue.

Oh great thank you. Follow up question, is there no way to be able to switch between the speakers rather than both? Floor standers or Sonos

Yes. Just mute the main speakers using the mute button on the 202 if you just want to use Sonos and deselect the line in on the Sonos when using the main speakers

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Actually if you used a 5 Pin DIN to 4xRCA ( effectively a Tape in / out cable) between 202 and Connect / Port then as well as feeding Vinyl into the Sonos system you could also play what is on the Sonos system via your main speakers by selecting the tape on the 202 input selector. Useful if you use something like Tunein for radio and want it on your main system or on through both main and Sonos.

Awesome thank you!

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I think you could avoid any sync issues (using din/4 rca) by playing vinyl out to the Connect from the 202, and listening via the tape monitor. I think I actually tried this when I had a Connect wired that way to my NAIT 5.

The Connect is obviously doing ADC/DAC duty here, so not recommended for ‘normal’ listening.

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