OCD Question, Which Cable Came With Which Piece Of Equipment?

Firstly thank you for allowing me to join the forum, have owned a NAP 200, NAC 202 and NAPSC for about 5 years now and think they are great bits of kit.

The reason for the OCD question is I am heading away to work for a while (could be 6 months) and am putting the Naim items back in the boxes and into secure storage.

What im unsure of is which cable came with which piece of equipment when new, the 2 cables that I would like to know are the Grey Din 5 and the Black Din 4 SNAIC cables, can anyone shed any light?

Thanks in advance!

The black SNAIC4 goes with the NAP200. The grey interconnect is for a NAim source. Do you also have a Naim CD player or tuner…?

Thank you for the quick reply, no Naim sources I am afraid.

I currently use the Naim equipment to power my main speakers and run them through a unity gain connection from a Marantz receiver, that has the sources running into it.

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