Odd Core Update notification

I have just received notification of a Core update to version to 2.5.9144. The app says the currently installed version is

Now I thought .9144 was an old version. The Core has always said I have the latest firmware since I bought it in December 2018. I have never written down which version it was reporting before.

So has it actually reverted to an earlier version and, if so, why and how? Any thoughts? I can’t make up my mind whether to just go ahead and update or not. Is an earlier or later version?

Edit: I have just tried a power off reboot and it now reports that the Firmware is up to date with version I’m confused! is the current release version. I don’t know why you had a notification of an update, but anyway there isn’t one and so you can forget about it!

It can’t revert to an old version on its own, so it’s perhaps that it needed a reboot to get rid of some malfunctioning of a software module. Restarting a computer now and then is always a good idea!



Many thanks David. Good to know that it IS the latest version. I will file it away under “Bizarre notifications”. :slight_smile:

Bizarre notifications seems to be the way with computers. I was once working on AutoCAD at it came up with an error window that just said “Blue”. Maybe it was feeling depressed.

Nasty feeling this may be the beginning of a bigger problem. I copied a download into the downloads folder and then gradually watched all the albums disappear from the folder! Access was then denied to the Downloads folder. The Music (ripped CD) folder was unaffected.
Cutting a long story short and some other oddities, after playing around, I imported some folders from a USB stick and that restored access to the downloads folder but all the albums previously downloaded were gone - thank heavens for backups.

A bit nervous about what happens next. :slight_smile:

@PW42 How full is the hard disk in your Core? The reason I ask is that I have a couple of times helped people with strange UnitiCore behaviour where it turned out that the internal hard disc was nearly full (and I don’t mean 99% or anything like that, but maybe above 90% is not a good idea).



Hi David,

The disk is only 25% used. There are 800 odd CDs plus some downloads with 1.5Tb out of 2Tb free.



Well lack of space isn’t the issue then! I will keep thinking…

All seems well this morning. Core is behaving as expected and I have successfully backed up and all the changes I expected (and only those!) appeared/disappeared from the backup. Fingers crossed it was just a series of computer type glitches which have sorted themselves out.

Ever the optimist…

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