Odd Qobuz emails with verification codes

In recent months I’ve occasionally had to do one of those awful ‘recaptcha’ image puzzles to log into Qobuz.

In the past fortnight I’ve had two emails with verification codes - I’ve used their service for many years so not sure why I’m seeing this. I also have no idea where to use these codes!

Anyone else seeing this?

Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 16.54.07

I’ve not had one of those, but then I very rarely need to log in to Qobuz.

BTW I agree about the “recaptcha” puzzles, they’re often annoyingly ambiguous, but feel like they’re trying to make you feel like an idiot if you get it wrong.


That’s most odd. Although I’ve only been a Qobuz subscriber for a couple of years I’ve never had anything like that or a “captcha” panel when logging on.

I normally have 3 devices connected at any one time - Muso2; streamer; tablet - and my account on all three has been logged on for months now.

Thanks Roger. I’ve just emailed them to ask what the verification code is all about.

Those image puzzles are awful as too often the pictures are incredibly poor quality and the presence or absence of something in some pics is ambiguous to say the least.

I think they only used to allow 2 devices active at once, but I doubt I’m ever using more than two simultaneously.

One thought is whether it could be due to macOS’s iCloud Private Relay (beta) feature which hides your IP address when using Safari, something I really like though I’m sure sites track you via browser/platform profiling anyway.

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