Odd thing happening with FLAC album in app

James Taylor’s ‘Hourglass’ FLAC is listing alternate tracks from an America album. The WAV rip (both done by HDX years ago) is fine.

Anybody know what’s going on?



Edit - I’ve just discovered that ‘Hourglass’ is also the title of the America album and the ripped FLAC file is presenting both together. How odd.

Have you checked the metadata for both albums?

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It’s odd that it does this. I have various versions of Bach music, the same music but different artists, so you’d think they’d be kept separate. But in a few cases, no. The only way I could fix it was to add the artist name to the end of the album title. Obviously I could add anything, 1, 2, 3, banana, cabbage whatever, but the artist name seemed sensible and does the job.


Very strange effect indeed - not seen it before. Where are the source music files? USB Drive/NAS Drive etc?

One thing you could try, the idea of which has fixed many an IT issue in my career, is the make a change fix.

So here you are aiming to force it to rewrite the metadata of all tracks by making two changes - first change the album name by adding a character at the end (I usually use full stop, but doesn’t matter). Then once written, remove the extra character, then force the write again.

Probably worth doing the same for the America album.

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It’s a NAS. Given that the WAV album is as it should be I’ll just live with it. Interestingly America’s ‘Hourglass’ doesn’t show in the ‘Albums’ folder of FLAC files. It’s been subsumed into the James Taylor ‘Hourglass’.


I see, so HH’s suggestion should work here where you add the name JT to the end of the album name. But also it may work if you just add a full stop at the end such that the album name is slightly different

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Anything to make the album name different should work.

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