Odd Uniti Star problem

Today I changed a mains cable on another piece of equipment in my system. When I powered up again my iPad wasn’t able to connect to the Naim. I had the usual ‘do this, do that’ guide. I tried the MinimServer advice to do the following which usually works:

It sometimes helps to power off all network devices and power them on again in this order:

  1. The router (then wait 5 minutes)
  2. Any switches or wireless access points (if you have them)
  3. The NAS or other device running MinimServer (then wait 5 minutes)
  4. The renderer (then wait 3 minutes)
  5. The control point (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

This time it didn’t. I turned the Star on via the remote control and restarted the app on the iPad. This time it did find the Star. I can switch to standby and switch back on again on the iPad as long as I don’t shut down the app and restart it. If I do, the only way to get the iPad to see the Star again is by switching it on via the remote and restarting the app on the iPad. It’s weird. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so have you found a cure?

By the way I just tried resetting the Star in the hope it would fix the problem and it hasn’t. I am pulling what is left of my hair out here :wink:

Any help would be appreciated.

Strange indeed! Just to be sure: are the Uniti Star and the iPad connected to the same network?

The Uniti Star is wired and I have tried changing the iPad between two networks but it makes no difference. :frowning:

Did you discover yet that with the app, if it doesn’t find any rooms then you can pull down the page and it will have a new look for rooms from scratch? So pull it down like you pull down the email app, not like you are pulling down the notifications screen.

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I didn’t know that David. I’ve tried it and it works!

Thank you very much! :smile:

I’ve found, that my App-(iOS)-to-Atom connection is fast and reliable; after I switched the setting for the Atom to a fixed IP address.

As in most home networks, my other devices (Mac/PC, phones, tablet, other streamers, …) get their addresses via DHCP “last random” and thus, the may have different IPs on different days. (Depending on router restarts, when devices are switched on in which sequence and for how long, …)
While other protocols (like Airplay, using it for 10+ years) work well with this setup (and using a lot of broadcast messages on the network, I assume), the naim app did not work well in that scenario. (Slow connects, sometimes I had to restart the App, … similar to what you describe.)
Whether you change to a static address on your device or via a fixed DHCP-assigned address (configured in the router) should not matter. Only in the first case, you need to make sure you don’t create a collision between manual and DHCP/router based IP assignment.

You shouldn’t need to do anything to your DHCP and for most people who want to listen to music rather than play with computers, changing DHCP settings is not a good idea.

The way the current IOS app works is that it looks for the rooms at the IP addresses where they were previously and if it doesn’t find them, because for example one or more IP addresses have changed, you can refresh the rooms lookup in a few seconds as I described before. This works well in my experience.



It’s useful to know that as I have to “play with computers” far too often for other reasons. To just be able to refresh the rooms lookup in this simple way is excellent as it means I can listen to music rather than shout at the equipment.

Well, given your description, the settings I describe make sense: they eliminate the need to re-search in the first place.

Whether you prefer to spend a few seconds searching from time to time; or you once change your network setup; I think this can be left to each individual, their preference and their knowledge/skills in the different areas.

Both is most likely preferable to reboot sequences of your equipment at home, to find the music player’s. :wink:

I myself get very annoyed, when my IT stuff does not work as it should; and if I can fix it “for good” by changing my network settings, I’ll do so and get rewarded often when launching the app and getting instant access to the device. I’m a bit “IT savy”, if you will.
If you don’t bother about the delay or don’t want/dare/… touch your network: fine enough.

My Naim does have a fixed IP address as does the Synology NAS. I will admit that nothing else does but if the IOS app looks for the last IP address it ought to have found it easily as it doesn’t change. Sadly on this occasion it didn’t. Since using David’s method it has found the Naim on every occasion without having to refresh the rooms lookup.

I use a fixed IP for all servers and my networked audio, but this is done via the Router reserving IP addresses rather than manually configuring it. Far safer with no chance of having two ip’s the same.

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