Office system speakers

I’m increasingly working from home and finding my office DAB radio somewhat lacking. It’s a small room and even stand mounts would be overkill so looking for speakers I can shelf or desk position. I’m thinking a retro Nait paired up with a Bluesound Node to drive them, if that’s not overkill. Any suggestions?

If you are mainly listening to radio then how about a Mu-So Qb?


Interesting thought, it would be a lot more compact! Presumably it doesn’t use an outdated streaming platform like my NDS? I love the retro appeal of the old Naim shoeboxes but the Mu-So-Qb certainly has a style of its own.

I understand that the Qb2 has an up to date streaming platform although I’m sure others can confirm

DAB is not nice at all. No life to the sound.

If you like shoebox style components, I suggest that you try to find a nice Olive pair of Nait 2 and NAT02. You could then track down a lovely old pair of Linn Kans or any of the BBC LS3/5A variants (on which the Kans were based). You would obviously need a decent VHF aerial feed to provide the signal (which you may have already).

That would be a very stylish, very retro little system.

In due course, you might look at adding a turntable an/or CD player and Naim and Linn would be god places to start, although you’d be moving out of’ shoebox’ territory.

Try a pair of Emit M10s. Never heard a better pair of speakers on a shelf. Stands obviously recommended but raised my eyebrows.

Neat Iotas or Ophidian MiniMo - both seem built for home offices .

I think I’ve seen more than one Nait 2 paired with a Bluesound on this forum.

If your gonna go that route maybe just a blue sound power node…

I must admit to be honest when I work from home I just have my airpod pros in and listen to music on those between calls and meetings…it’s just background anyway while I’m working. If I was putting a proper system in my office e I’d probably get some powered speakers like kef LSX’s or even LS50

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In my office system, I have the Q Acoustics; 2010i Speakers, which are affixed to the wall with dedicated wall brackets.


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I have a pair of Ruark MR1 mk2. Constantly surprised by how they perform. Fun, detailed and only about £350.

Perfect for a small space.

The Muso2 and QB2 have the 2nd gen streaming board. Personally I wouldn’t want one for nearfield listening, especially at a desk where it would be off to one side or the other.

If you have a computer in front of you do you really need a computer? A V1 dac with a NAP100 or small active speakers would be on my shortlist.

I’m also intrigued by the Chord Qutest/Anni but haven’t heard it.

Does anybody actually listen to a QB, sat directly in front of it. I never have.

I use a QB MK1, mainly stream Qobuz from a PC via optical. But also radio and streaming from Nas.
Sounds great, best PC speaker I’ve owned.

I use a Muso Qb in a snug but that is sited on a purpose made stand on the other side of the room to the sofa. Sounds great.

I have a Unitiqute 2 feeding near-field, wall mounted Spendor SR5s with a Naim n-Sub sited near-field under my desk. I stream hi-res from USB, Spotify and internet radio. Fabulous sound! So much so, I often get distracted from work…

Muso Qb here - excellent.

Muso Qb1 with a computer for my daughter. She lovees it. Sounds great.

I have an Atom with wall-mounted Neat Iotas in my very small office. They were bought as a lockdown treat to myself and I’ve been very pleased with the setup. I do notice that the prices for both electronics and speakers have gone up by over 40% in the interim so not such a bargain, but there are some used/ex dem deals around.


My office speakers are a pair of Focal Solo 6be, connected to an IFi pro idsd and sotm sms200 ultra, the balanced cable is the vovox textura fortis, network and usb cables are from audioquest, usb is Diamond ethernet vodka.

I have a pair of meridian M33s with balanced dac being fed by roon. Sounds superb.

Linn Tukans work well with my Nait 1. An under-rated speaker and cheap as chips - circa £150.

They are rear ported but don’t need to be very far from the rear wall - just a few inches.

I use PMC DB1i on my office desk.