Oh dear...I'm in serious trouble

Not sure if anyone saw it but I posted a thread recently about my UQ2 screen on the blink. I took the advice to get it serviced and I picked it up today in tip top condition…it also had bulging capacitors so it definitely needed it!

Anyways, the kind James at TomTom Audio in St Alban’s lent me the SU to home audition. Who wouldn’t right? The chance to audition at home a system you’ve been dying to listen to…

Oh Jesus. I’m in trouble. It’s stunning. The way it drives my Neat SX2 speakers is so effortless. I haven’t even plugged my UQ back in yet to audition in comparison but my god I can already hear the difference! It’s a heft piece of kit too.

It’s going to be hard to hand this back I feel :joy:


‘Trouble’, you say :wink::grin:

It is the time for giving and receiving gifts. Just think how good you will feel being able to buy it and pass it on to someone who will really appreciate it.

A win-win as far as I see it.


SuperUniti should be a very good deal right now. Why not!?!?!?

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Yes I swapped a Unitiqute 2 for a SuperUniti in our day room system and it’s a lot better in every way. The SuperUniti is a steal right now. I don’t know what he is asking for that one, but there are lots available on the second hand market and you won’t find a bigger bargain imho.


Sounds like James had a cunning plan !

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Yes, James is kind like that!

Seriously, he is a great guy and won’t steer you wrong.

I borrowed a NDX2 while my ND5-XS was away for service. I never returned it, and by the time my ND5 came back I added a XPS-DR. The ND5 has since been sold.

Loaners have magical properties that cause wallets to levitate.


Haha none of this is helping…although what did I expect :joy:. It really is quite something. I’m.going to pop the UQ back on tomorrow just to hear them side by side (well sort of)

I’ve not really had a look at used prices. I think he said £1900

And I’m slumming it with the cast off UQ2. With the Neat Iotas in the study it’s perfect.


Yes I hear a lot of good things about the Iotas. Perhaps I could do the same actually

I’ve actually just had a look on eBay and there’s a brand new uniti for £1799 :thinking:

Just bought a UQ to act as as DAC and streamer , not worried about the amp at present . When I have worked out how to programme the machine into the network…

Sadly it was nicely boxed but no manual .

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Challenge I’m having with the SU is the network connection. WiFi is constantly dropping

The SU is the first generation or so of Naim implementing WiFi. AND, that generation of streamer has a relatively smallish buffer that needs refreshing throughout the track playback (I think). History has shown that hard-wired to your switch is best. If not possible, try something like a little Apple Airport Express hard-wired to the SU, and rely on that for wifi instead of the SU.

Yes that appears to be it. It’s after a few songs it just stops and it drops off of the network. I am getting a new unit in the living room soon, so hopefully I can run cables much more easily to the network! My wife has no idea why I am encouraging a new unit…:laughing:

Have to agree about James at Tom Tom Audio. I bought my 300DR from him and when the itch comes back to upgrade further I will be wandering up to St Albans again. Pleasure doing business with James and his colleague whose name escapes me for the moment.


I believe his colleague is Henry? Yes James was a lovely guy. Clearly very passionate which is great

James’ colleague is Henry, also an excellent chap to deal with.

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1, Spectacularly helpful and dangerous guys James and Henry are :sunglasses:

2, A worrying trend of crap display problems again from Naim which is just unacceptable in 2019, my UQ2 screen was replace under warranty.

I work with medical devices and sometimes the auto industry, I have never know a display fail in our discipline in 20 years.

I would demand its replace at Naims cost.


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The SU is a remarkable piece of kit in my view and at current prices is a no brainer. When I listen to music, especially the Tidal tracks rendered by Minim on the QNAP and the Radio Paradise FLAC streams rendered by Bubble App on the QNAP, it’s hard to believe this is an all in one player.