Oh Lord, please preserve me from an idiot!

Powered up the system to listen over headphones this evening.
Stuck the cans on my head

No sound…

Checked that the XPS (for the DAC) & the Supercap (for the 82) were powered up.

Checked that the streamer (Allo) was online - it was.

Fiddled with interconnects in the stack.

Tried the DAC input, Tuner input, and went off to get the Emerson, Lake & Powell CD to test the CDX input to my 82.

Nowt, nothing, nada.

five minutes of head scratching later…

Unplugged the headphones from the PC and plugged them into the Headline…



Today I almost drank water through my covid mask…



Looking for my glasses that are on my head. We’ve all been there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Or the car keys for 15 minutes high and low and… oh! Wait! They’re in my hand.


You might want to strike up a relationship with a mortician if you want to be “preserve”d.

It’s the first sign.

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

Today, I tried to lick a rogue blob of cream off the back of my hand… through my covid mask.



In the spirit of the thread I was reading on the phone earlier today and while doing so went frantically through my pockets searching for it


I went into the garage unlocked my car and then tried to get into my wife’s locked car!
Had to stop and wonder why I was not able to get the door open!
Then the light bulb came on.

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Yesterday morning I drove about 20 miles to exchange a DVD at an HMV shop (I had forgotten that I’d bought the very same one a couple of months ago :roll_eyes:).

After finally finding a space in the shopping centre car park, I realised I’d left the damned thing at home! Had to fight through the traffic on the drive back home and then repeat the whole process all over again.

It’s called “getting old” I understand. Still, it beats the alternative.


Asking ‘Alexa’ to cancel an alarm as I had woken up early, and shouted ‘Olivia’ cancel the alarm. ‘Olivia’ is my four year old granddaughter!!


Once drove 80 plus miles to get what sounded like rattling/ broken front suspension looked at on our Gt3…
Only to find on arrival two one pound coins rolling about in the ashtray !…still , a nice drive out !


More than once I’ve tried calling “Alexa” to our mu-so qb. What’s worrying is we don’t actually own any smart speakers


I’m working on computers too much, looking for issues. So one time I dropped a glass in the kitchen, thought Ctrl+Z for undo, and for a split second was concerned about the bug because it was not working.

Another time I wanted to show something on my screen to my coworker, so I selected it, did Ctrl+C for copy, stood up, walked over to the other guy and thought Ctrl+V



And it’s clearly quite a serious bug!

“Why can’t I hear you?” (Zoom call)

Turns speakers off mute… DOH!

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Was trying to get into work by making a contactless payment with my Apple Watch as opposed to swiping my security card. Asked if that was grounds for going home but was told no!

During lockdown, my daughter who is chair of governors of her local primary school was chairing a governors’ zoom meeting when she saw that her son (one of their pupils) had just walked behind her dressed just in his underpants. So she tapped the camera off, to go and tell him to get dressed properly, and when she got back she realised that her kids had previously changed her avatar into a cartoon of two kittens kissing, which the whole meeting had been looking at for a couple of minutes.