Okay Active Fun Lovers - Consider This!

When my numbers come up tomorrow night and I order a 552 do I have a 300 or another 250 and Snaxo?

No @NigelB it won’t be 2x 500s!

Don’t forget to move the supercap to the superline (same Burndy as a Snaxo) and one 500 is enough to begin with so you won’t need the Snaxo just yet.

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I have heard Titan passive 300DR compared directly to Titan active 2x250DR at The Audiobarn demo day and I preferred the latter.

However the 500DR passive vs 300DRs active was a closer thing. I was with @Gazza for this comparison (at the Audio Show East) and he preferred the 500DR passive and I (think) I preferred the 300DRs active, but it was very much swings and roundabouts for me.

Just not sure I could ever handle the box count and cable spaghetti active mode entails. Getting to the stage where, if anything, I would aim to reduce box count, but I am enjoying my music too much for that right now.


Now you have me thinking … should I replace my 52 with a 552, or change my 4x135 for two 300’s?
I am a devoted active chap so go for it.


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Sorry, that was kind of ascerbic, not intended. I went 52 to 552 with active DBL’s, one of my best moves ever. Then passive 500 replaced active 135’s.


And there was me thinking the thread was going to be about vigorous sex. How disappointing.


I heard 707s active with 2x300 and they sounded really fabulous (Acoustica event). Considerably better than 600 active or passive. Didn’t compare them with 808s though, active or passive

I am away from active now - too many cables and shelves with the 808s. Would have to get rid of the piano (did ask the lovely Mrs Oop North - without explaining why - but she said the piano is staying permanently)


Well yes that is the kinda plan.

So are you doing this Lindsay, or is it contingent on your numbers coming up?

I’m afraid!

I’ll be keeping all my fingers crossed then.

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S1 is the new 552.


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