Old 555ps or XPS DR?

Which one is better for CDX2? Thanks!

555 all the way

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Are there huge differences?

I think it’s easy to tell.

This is definitely one where you want to do the demo - if only to see just what a difference the two power supplies make.

Personally, given the choice, a 555PS please (oh, and a Hi-line too, if you haven’t already got one).


Thanks! I see now

Thanks! I have a Hi-line already and it helps a lot as well.

You mean XPS DR could be better?

I first had an XPS2 and then later an XPSDR on my NDS. Eventually I got a non DR unserviced 555PS on it and I thought by far the 555PS was the best sounding. But as always the only way to know for sure is to try it out in your own setup.

On my (then) 272 I tried a 2006 555PS but preferred the XPSDR.


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No Desmond. I was agreeing with Richard and would absolutely go for the 555 on a CDX2, having owned this very combination myself for a number of years after a CDX2/XPS2. The XPS-DR is better than the XPS2 but it isn’t a 555PS.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Best regards, BF

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Another vote for the 555PS having used one with my then CDX2.

Definitely the 555PS.
That said, bear in mind that you can pick up an nDAC for very reasonable money these days and putting a 555PS on that with the CDX2 as a transport (if it is a CDX2.2) produces an even better performance. I’ve compared CDX2.2/555PS v CDX2.2/nDAC/555PS and the latter was much, much better.

555PS but then i’m heavily biased to say that aren’t I? (Hint, hint, wink wink, nudge nudge) :wink::wink: :fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :tropical_fish:

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Tried them both when I still had my CDX2.

555 every day. It is vastly superior.

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I jut bought a CDS3 and will be with 555ps. I hope it can be better


Seems like everyone goes for 555ps, anyway, it’s previous flagship

CDS3 + 555PS is absolutely delightful!

Enjoy, BF