Old HiFi Advertising

I’ll start with Royd Audio as A7s were my first speakers and I upgraded to Eden’s which I loved except for the lack of bass.
This was a leaflet I picked up from the dealers.

Ah the good old days when you could get leaflets.
I have a few old Royd ones and Ruark, Naim ( of course) Rega ( after they finally decided to print them )
Today www. seems so inferior in many ways

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Guinnless, I’ve made a small edit to your thread title. That way we can avoid anything that might breach forum rules from being posted here.

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This has to be my favourite


When I visited Naim many years ago I half expected the Nait cakes to be available in the canteen. :slight_smile:



I did wonder if I could get Mrs Bruss to make some (my baking skills are not up to par unfortunately).

An old gf of mine used to work at Mr Kipling’s. She used to come home with them. (Cakes not Naits).

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Given the thread title, here are two that come straight to mind.


Just a gentle warning not to post any of the (many) execrable older ads, which are best left in the past.

The Linn ones above are pushing it….


That probably rules out most historical HiFi adverts. Lol.


I can’t find it anywhere but the one that amused me was a couple waking up in the morning and the wife asking “who is this Linn Sundeck?”

Pioneer- Akai - Sansui had some great ads
Although some may seem offensive by todays society I do not think any of the audio companies would be around today with out the way in which things were marketed back then.
I do agree that some are on the edge but so was Benny Hill.

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The ads reflect the social culture of the time. Today others would say " When I hear ‘Culture’… I release the Safety catch on my Browning’’ ( Gun in other words )
Schlageter Act 1 - Sc 1

TBH I never thought much of Linn’s slightly sexist adverts anyway even at the time. The Noddy and Big Ears one was funny though.

Naim’s advertising humour was much better hence why I have two of them on my wall. :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess she’d have been a keeper if she came home with Naits!?

Um, I was wedded to my JVC JAS-11G at the time.

Besides this was so long ago, Naits were yet to be invented!

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Ah yes, my mate had one of those. I used to go round and plug my cassette deck into it and steal his records.

Here’s quite an early Naim ad from the ‘70s

Often forgotten that the Naim amp was selected for the Design Centre back in the day.


Thanks Richard. I like seeing these type of adverts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jeferries HiFi Eastbourne - that’s going back some