Old HiFi Advertising

The power amp (NAP160?) looks freakishly wide there, next to the tiny (I assume) NAC12.

Interesting to see the names of the five dealers. I assume that they represented Naim’s global dealership at the time!

The QUAD adverts (cartoons) at the time were wonderful, with yer typical quizzical, pipe smoking characters. Can’t remember who drew them (Cal, or some such name?).

Are you perhaps thinking of Bod who used to do cartoons for Hifi News & Record Review as well as for Acoustical Quad?

One of my favourites here, and of course this one very much with a Naim theme to it…


Thank you very much, Richard, that’s exactly the person that I had in mind. I love it that he’s always smoking a pipe. Not very PC these days!

He was such a clever draftsman. That couldn’t be anything other than a Linn/Naim system that he has sketched there.

Anyone know how many employees there were at Naim by then ?

It was '76/'77 and still at the tiny shop in Salt Lane, so couldn’t have been many.

Was that all Naim’s dealers then?
Reason for asking, is that my local dealer claims to be one of, if not the first naim ( and linn) dealership in the country.
But they are not on that advert.

I’m not sure. Possibly @Pauls would know.

Who was the dealer you are talking about missing from the list?


Geoff Matthews was certainly very early in the Uk retailer line up, in fact Geoff was the first ever Naim retailer I visited in the Uk 1980 I think. Not sure he was before the others as he would or should have been listed in the ad.

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A dim and distant memory flashes to me that Soundcraft was called Photocraft back in the day.
Hope this helps. :+1:t2:

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I hope the readers and contributors have sufficient intelligence to see irony when it smacks them in the face. The day this forum is censored for this kind of post is the day I leave it.


A serious question for you Clare – are you saying that an old ad from the 1970s (let’s say it would be regarded as sexist today) cannot be reproduced here, even with context? It seems to me a perfectly legitimate thing to show, say, an old ad that pictures a girl in her undies draped over an amplifier in a discussion about old advertising, particularly if it is an exemplar of the kind of advertising then current.

If your answer to my question is “yes”, that seems to me to be a rather slippery slope; old books, ads, films and TV shows from the past which might not live up to today’s standards of acceptability exist, they cannot be made to un-exist, whether you or I or anyone else likes them or not. Pretending these arefacts or attitudes don’t exist, or shutting your eyes or putting your fingers in your ears does nothing to repair the injustices and mistakes of the past, nor does it further debate or inquiry, no, to be frank, does it do anything to allieviate (say) sexism or racism today. And who, without debate, gets to say what is or what is not “pushing it”?


It was photo something. It’s been Soundcraft for as long as I’ve been a customer. And yes, Geoff is still there. Tinkering with LP12s, but more than happy to sell naim to me and a number of other SE England ( forum and non forum) types.

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I like this one there is another I’ve got with an adult version of this. :wink: :flushed:


I’m not going to get into a protracted ‘culture war’ discussion (fascinating though that would be).

There are plenty of other websites where people can have their fill of women being objectivised, but the Naim Forum isn’t one of them.

End of discussion.



Back in 1980 this ad convinced me to spend a lot of money.
Seven years later I ditched all my tapes for CDs … !


Yes I do believe you are correct. Photocraft.

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It’s nothing to do with “culture wars” and your suggestion that people want to see women objectified demonstrates that you have not understood my question; your arbitrary ending of the discussion kind of proves my point.

Anyway, happy 2022 Clare, I wish you a happy, peceful, prosperous and Covid-free year ahead. I appreciate your great work here, even if we disagree on this matter.